AT&T hangs up on Tiger -

AT&T hangs up on Tiger

Telecommunications giant the latest company to pull plug on endorsement deal


U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T is dropping Tiger Woods, becoming the latest company to cancel a sponsorship agreement with the golf superstar in the wake of revelations he cheated on his wife. In doing so, AT&T joins Tag Heuer and Gillette, both of whom have stopped using Woods’s image in their advertisements, as well consulting group Accenture, which cancelled its endorsement deal with Woods, in abandoning the golfer. On the other hand, Nike, which pays Woods an estimated 40 million dollars a year, has issued him unqualified support.


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AT&T hangs up on Tiger

  1. I just wanted to be the first to post a comment. . . . .


  2. We have all had a problem dealing with success, to much money is a bad thing.

  3. I agree with Big Dog. I don't think he should be dismissed for his affairs. Clinton wasn't and who knows how many he had.

    This guy can golf. He is human. Until you've walked a mile in his shoes, don't judge him.