Attack on Charles and Camilla raises questions about royal security -

Attack on Charles and Camilla raises questions about royal security

One of ‘the most serious security breaches of the past decade’


Protests over university tuition-fee hikes in Britain hit a fever pitch on Thursday, culminating in an attack by demonstrators on a car carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. The couple was in a car headed to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium when their car was surrounded by some 20 demonstrators who were chanting, “Off with their heads” and “Tory scum.” One of the car’s windows was smashed, and paint was thrown on the vehicle. Security analyst and former police officer Charles Shoebridge said: “This is a very serious incident. It ranks amongst the most serious security breaches of the past decade.” The strike on the royal family has also raised questions around security, and whether the right route was chosen for the royals to travel on. Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said it was “an unpredictable movement of some numbers of demonstrators” that led to the problems.

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Attack on Charles and Camilla raises questions about royal security

  1. "Off with their heads" indeed! I've always admired the French for their rather elegant way of disposing of their monarchy. The British should follow suit.

    • If Charles were speaking in Hyde Park against the raising of tuition for his loyal subjects rather than being blithely on his way to the The-a-tre, he might rather be considered a great future monarch instead of a privileged wealthy person with his head seemingly down the ostrich hole. Nick Clegg is being called the Pathetic Pinocchio of Politics with his about face on tuition hikes as his party ran on a platform of no hikes at all, yet several members of the ruling Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition failed to back it.

      • Charles was on his way to a charity event that in no small way benefits from the attendance by a Royal.

  2. So much for civility…Maximilien Robespierre is not the way to go.

  3. The 'poor' students of the wealthy don't believe their education is worth the new tuition rates, instead of violence for the sake of violence, they should go out and do something that they do find worthwhile, if they insist on violence, then they should be slapped around by the cops and jailed.

  4. Welcome to the real world Chucky & Camy!
    The real world is not all sweet & mannered … this is the real world of the common folk, who actually work for a living & where things are not given to them on a silver plate.

  5. Whack em and stack em. Rioting in the street is not on.

  6. "Off wiv dere 'eds!" 'e says!


  7. Low down on the important issue scale. They are not in Canada and they are not the kind of people I respect.

    • Rioting in the UK and endangering the heir to the throne [who will be our king] is definitely a news item.

    • Totally agree. Why should we care? There is way too much people around the world suffering and going through really tough times to be worried about these two who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • Spoken like a true commoner, Pity…….

      • My comment was for bepele…….

  8. Astonishing good judgement shown by the security detail following the Prince’s limo: suspect the desire was very strong, hearing a riotous mob hollering “off with their heads,” to err on the side of keeping the Heir alive and open fire. Just hope the detail won’t ever wait too long.

    The straight-forward loyal citizen in me wishes the detail had opened up; sadly, the last thing these city-wrecking scum should get is martyrs to rally around.

  9. It is a news item, but why the arch-colonial lickspittle spin by highlighting it in this comumnette?