Attention Taliban: Here’s our secret plan to fight you


The Canadian Forces’ counter-insurgency manual is now officially Secret. This, despite the fact that versions have already been given to the NDP and members of the public, and has been widely distributed to military units.

It’s also available online via Steve Staples website.

(thanks to David Pugliese)

UPDATE: Uh oh. This must be what happens when you pass your counter-insurgency manual around like a chinese menu:

KANDAHAR CITY, Afghanistan – Hundreds of Taliban fighters are reported to have launched an offensive Monday into a district at Kandahar city’s doorstep and are digging in anticipation of an assault on the city.


Attention Taliban: Here’s our secret plan to fight you

  1. By comparison, the “U.S Army-Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Manual” can be purchased at bookstores everywhere, or from amazon.com.

    See http://tinyurl.com/5nq8pt

    It’s a sad thing to realize that the Bush administration is model of transparency compared to the current Canadian government.

    – JV

  2. O dear. So, let me get this right- we’re fighting but we’re… letting everyone see our secret startegy? Is this.. part of the strategy? OR is it incompetince. OR maybe Both?

  3. A strategy that is patently self-evident and based on widely studied public documents on counterinsurgency doesn’t aid the Taliban one bit. Maybe we should make it a secret our plan to shoot bullets too. Only someone who has never read one of these kinds of documents would think there is anything in there that is top-secret worthy or tactically useful. It’s a strategic plan after all, not a tactical one.

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