Audit to expose House and Senate spending


Auditor General Michael Ferguson is poised to release performance audits of MP and Senate expenses.

Two years in the works, the goal of the audit as outlined by former AG Sheila Fraser was to determine “whether the House has sound management processes and key administrative systems and practices.”

So, as the Canadian Press is reporting, no MPs or senators will be named or shamed in the audit of $533 million in annual spending: “The audits didn’t even look at individual office management nor the merit of specific MP spending decisions.”

The CBC points out that the reports will focus less on inappropriate expenses and more on the rules around that spending:

“I’ve heard people talking about a $4 cup of coffee,” Fraser is quoted as saying at the start of the probe. “I’ve got, quite frankly, better things to do than look for $4 cups of coffee.”

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Audit to expose House and Senate spending

  1. It’s OUR money, naming and shaming is appropriate!

    • Yeah, but I agree with Ferguson, that kind of pissant stuff is beneath what he should be doing to improve our government. Leave that to the press with Freedom of Information requests. Working on the systems in place that oversee what they all do is a far more appropriate use of his skills and time.

      Edit: And when I say “leave that to the press”, it should be understood that this is made with the assumption that there are working journalists still out there who actually will seek out and investigate stories, rather than just re-write corporate or government press releases. Perhaps a bit of a long-shot assumption, but hey, a person can dream.

      • Don’t worry Thwim, in these days of “gotcha” partisan politics, there are always bloggers and party election machines willing to sift through that stuff.

  2. Canada’s elite managed to convince decision-makers that if they kept more of their income, they could create more wealth for everyone, by creating jobs. This illusion must come to an end. This group controlled $1.78 trillion dollars of financial wealth, 67% of the total financial wealth of Canadian households in 2009 and continues to grow, while household making less than 40K pay the taxes. We do not need to cut government spending, we simply need to make those hoarding the cash to start sharing.
    Stating this, the elite have managed to convince the MP’s it is ok to spend tax payers money as if they are entitled to do so, after all..they are entitled to excessive wages, luxurious bonuses, countless company perks, many of which are never accounted for to the tax man. Thank goodness for the Sheila Fraser’s of this world.

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