Auditor General to investigate lump sum payments for veterans

Payments represent $40 million a year savings


Auditor General Sheila Fraser will look into the New Veterans Charter and the lump-sum disability payments that mean less money for veterans but savings of up to $40 million dollars a year for the government. Liberal Senator Percy Downe had pressed the office for an audit, saying, “I’m concerned this became a cost-saving exercise rather than a service to veterans.” Fraser says her office will have a report ready by the fall of 2012. The audit comes after the Conservative government has faced mounting criticism that they are shortchanging veterans benefits.

Ottawa Citizen

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Auditor General to investigate lump sum payments for veterans

  1. AUDITOR GENERAL…..SHIELA FRASER You Go Girl,as I'm sure your PENSION will be just fine.I suppose you all need a raise,and F'k all us SENIORS who I might add,help put your FAT ass where it is today.YES,the "GOVERNMENT" whomever they are,NEED OUR monies. ALL of you are THIEVES,and lets not forget, LIARS,each and every time you open your mouths.Steal from the Pensioners,et al.

    • Talk about flying off the hook.

      They may be liars but you are a jack****.

  2. Way to go Wally

    She's not even begun to delve into the maze of government duplicity on this issue and you are ranting in every direction. In my experience she does her job well, it's Harper and Co who fail to respond to her findings in an honest manner that is the issue. The present government is a lying bunch and who claim one thing and do another. The AG will report her findings and I guarantee if they counter the views of the know nothings in power, they will be ignored. Maybe if more of the ex-servicefolk stopped voting for the tories something would change.

  3. How far is she willing to go to expose the entire corruption that is taking place at Veterans Affairs and take steps to correct this growing problem. It takes denying benefits to thousands of veterans to pay for enormous capital cost of new jet fighters. This federal department is likely the most currupt department that Canada has. Those that would like to help veterans within VA are threatened with losing their jobs if they try to provide benefits to needy sick and injured veterans. The government says they stand behind their military members but the sad truth is that those soldiers that end up sick and injured are denied care and have to depend on family to get by. Those that still join the military are playing a dangerous game of "Canadian" roulette if they think their government will help when they get sick or injured. DND and VA have both broken faith with the growing list of angry injured veterans.

    • You have said many things here that are true, especially when staffers want to "adjudicate" for their clients. This is very true for released vets. However while still in the CF we are very well cared for almost to the point of being mothered.
      As for voting for the Liberals why would we cut our own throats, they did even less for us. In fact they brought in the NVC in the first place. Of course all parties voted for it because none of them care about vets and cutting what is owed them causes the least political damage.

  4. Our current servicemen and veterans deserve our respect.