Auditor general’s office hires ex-official charged in Tory election spending scheme

“She does not work on audits,” says spokesperson


The Conservative party’s former chief financial officer, charged last week in the “in-and-out” election spending scheme, now holds a job in the office of the auditor general of Canada. Susan Kehoe currently serves as secretary of the Canadian Council of Legislative Auditors, an association of federal and provincial auditors which operates out of the federal auditor general’s office. Kehoe could face fines and jail time if she is convicted for Elections Act violations related to advertising purchases in the 2006 campaign. The office says Kehoe is not involved in any review of government expenses.

Ottawa Citizen

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Auditor general’s office hires ex-official charged in Tory election spending scheme

  1. I don't care if she works on any audits….for crying out loud did Harper reward every crook that every wroked for him with a job?

    And what about her…..where is YOUR intregrity Kehoe….could you at least show SOME dignity and take a leave of absense to at least give the appearnace of giving a sh1t

  2. Nice! Make a bad situation infinitely worse! What was it Mulroney once said about Liberal patronage?
    The timing on this is beyond belief…seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Still don't believe Harper doesn't write his own rules?

    What's that burning smell? Oh, it's Harper's credibility.

  3. Good ol' government.

    • Good ol' "Harper Government".

  4. If any of you are familiar with the reputation of auditor general of Canada, Sheila Fraser, you would agree that she would have a lot to say about who gets hired in her department. Given that she is often critical of Stephen Harper, I am sure she did not hire this individual on his say so.

    • Agreed!

    • No, that's true. Which is even more concerning, because I think Sheila Fraser is generally considered beyond reproach. Now, this is a black mark against her–unless of course, the woman is put on leave or something until the charges are dealt with. I'd like to hear that's the case right about now.

      • Note, the article gives no indication of how long she's had the job… and I somehow doubt she put on her resume "Participated in in-and-out scheme."

        So it could yet be honest mistake.

  5. maybe it is there for the purpose of 'balance'….in govt law and in politics there is an answer to everything!

  6. Hiring is done to get people qualified to do the work, through contracting. That way we can have the qualified workers we used to get plus satisfy the joke of a pandering speak french requirement an OLA law! This may required spending about 4 times the money required, but its great for the statistics Canada, (triple hired) employment stats, and gives the french access to computers and facebook, all great for the economy. You do understand tout de this?
    By the way dis is da proved fact.

  7. This sounds weird. She works for a Council that "operates out of the federal auditor general's office", yet the title of the article leads readers to think otherwise…

    • There have been a few misleading headlines on here lately.

  8. Best way to catch a thief is to hire one.

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