Australia upholds plain packaging on cigarettes

The tobacco industry takes another blow as Australia refuses branded packaging


In another blow to the tobacco industry, Australia’s high court upheld the plain packaging act. The act says that tobacco products have to be in plain packaging with no logos, along with health warning graphics as of December 1.

The government called it a “watershed moment for tobacco control around the world.”

Australia is the first country in the world to require plain packaging for their tobacco products. The brand name will be listed against a dark-colour background.

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Australia upholds plain packaging on cigarettes

  1. its an extreme measure that is warranted given that the use of tobacco results in unconditionally adverse health effects that are themselves extreme

  2. This is ridiculous. I hope the tobacco companies appeal this stupid decision and win! This country is seriously going to sh*t. SHAME ON YOU GOVERNMENT

  3. E
    cigarettes are a preferred way of smoking today, particularly with
    people who have fought with preventing the wellness threats of
    smoking cigarettes.

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