Australian Opposition leader in hot water again for sexist comments -

Australian Opposition leader in hot water again for sexist comments


Australian Opposition leader Tony Abbott is again under fire for comments deemed to be inappropriate, just weeks after he took a tongue-lashing from Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who accused him of being sexist and misogynist during an impassioned speech in Parliament.

Speaking on a morning talk show about the government’s decision to reduce the amount of “baby bonus” payments parents receive after the birth of their second child, Abbott said: “I think if the government was a bit more experienced in this area, they wouldn’t come out with glib lines like that.”

The comment was viewed by some as a direct dig at Gillard, who does not have children. Following the comments, Gillard said, in another interview, that Abbott could explain what he meant by “that line.”

Abbott later clarified his statement in an interview with Australian news talk radio station 3AW, saying that he and his wife had two children just 15 months apart and he was speaking about his personal experience, not about the prime minister.

He also offered a this apology: “If she wants to take offence, I’m sorry about that,” he said. “What we’ve got is a government which hyperventilates about all sorts of things at the least possible excuse.”

Though Opposition members are now complaining that they have to walk on eggshells, lest they offend the prime minister, Gillard has something to smile about. The Australian reports that a new poll shows Gillard’s popularity has risen 10 points over Abbott in the wake of her misogyny speech.

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Australian Opposition leader in hot water again for sexist comments

  1. “The Australian reports that a new poll shows Gillard’s popularity has risen 10 points over Abbott in the wake of her misogyny speech.”

    What does the press think, anyway? Show me a few editorials from Aussieland, please.

    It must have more sense than to believe a poll like that.

  2. What a load of poo. Miss Julia reinterprets a remark as being directed toward her… like yer wife would… and the world is expected to agree with that?
    What non-Aussies don’t know is that Australian feminism is pushing to emulate the Swedes, the world’s centre for anti-male policy, political correctness, and sexual hysteria. So Ms Juila is the classic bully and a threat to political freedom. Aussie women who endorse this should be directed to Tasmania and left there to run their own country.

  3. Julia Gillard and the Australian Labor Party are in desperate straits. They are polling behind the center-right coalition parties(Liberal and National Parties) and must call an election within the next year. In the last year, the Labor Party was routed in state elections in Queensland(center-right wins 85% of seats), New South Wales(center-right wins 75% of seats), and the Northern Territory(center-right wins 2/3rds of the seats). In addition, the Coalition state governments of Victoria and Western Australia have solid leads over the opposition Labor Party in both states. In South Australia, the opposition Coalition is polling ahead of the governing Labor Party. The coalition parties now control states which hold over 75% of the Australian population. The Labor Party brand is in bad shape. Gillard imposed a carbon tax against the wishes of the public. Also, there have been a number of Labor Party scandals. There was even an attempt by Paul Rudd the last Labor PM(2007-2010) to regain the prime ministership from her. Gillard’s government hangs on by a thread supported by three independent conservatives from western australia. Now,Gillard and her crew have decided that the only way to win is to vilify the opposition. Tony Abbott is a devout Catholic(pro-life) from the conservative wing of the center-right Liberal Party. He is a former Catholic Seminarian who chose to marry and have three daughters. The Labor Party has tried to push the line that he must be anti-woman since he is socially conservative. Now, Abbott’s wife(a career schoolteacher) has come out swinging in support of her husband. This is just one more dirty trick from a woman whose whole life is based around the quest for power(she said once that she never wanted kids because they could be an embarrassment.) In 2010, she stabs Paul Rudd(the man who got the Labor Party back into office in 2007 after 11 years of opposition) in the back so she can become prime minister. Her lifelong dreams are falling apart and Gillard has decided to play gutter politics. It won’t work(with the exception of Bob Hawke in the 1980’s)Australian Labor Parties don’t normally stay in government too long.The people are sick of her and Abbott’s party is heavily favored to win.