Australian parking meters call cops when time is up -

Australian parking meters call cops when time is up

In-ground sensors alert inspectors when drivers stay too long


Melbourne City Council expects to gain about $3 million more a year in parking fines thanks to newly approved in-ground sensors that will alert parking inspectors when drivers overstay their meters, The Age reports. The technology will be rolled out starting in July and should earn council almost $12 million over four years, even after the $5.48 million price tag for the new technology. A sensor records when a vehicle moves in and out of a spot and sends a message to the nearest inspector when a motorist stays more than five minutes too long. License plate recognition technology will also be introduced in residential areas.

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Australian parking meters call cops when time is up

  1. Big brother is watching, and he needs money!

    All joking aside, this is a good idea. No one likes parking tickets, but they serve a purpose: parking is scarce and rates should be set so it's possible to find a spot without circling for 30 mins. User pay, baby!

  2. In this case you CAN beat Big Brother. Just carry an alarm clock with you!

  3. Obviously wireless, so, get the same reading tool yourself. Or invent a tool that sends the signal indicating not run out. How does the dumbest, (holders of office and government workers), ever expect to get ahead of the smartest of society. Especially as in Canada where your qualification has to be speaking some kind of French which very few speak.??? And the comedy continues! Such as Harper with Obama, translating his speech into highschool french, for NOBODY! YAWN! lol. He will not share the stage with the President of the United States again, I bet!

  4. 1984 ==> 2011. What's next, micro-chipping us at birth? They all ready are controlling populations through drugs. Developed and "non"-Developed nations. Minority Report here we come. Advanced civilized world indeed?!?!

  5. too bad they couldn't fine knuckleheads who don't pick up their clothes out of the dryer on time in apartment buildings