Australian PM jokes about end of the world -

Australian PM jokes about end of the world

Julia Gillard laughs in the face of growing panic


Australian PM jokes about end of the world

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The Mayan calender ends Dec. 21 and panic is spreading as doomsday-mongers predict the apocalypse. With the last few days counting down, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard isn’t too scared to make a spoof video about how “the end of the world is coming” as a trailer for radio station Triple J’s breakfast show. Check it out:
PM Julia Gillard Addresses the End of the Worldtriplejtv
Gillard isn’t known for her comedy, but her spoof video has gotten her some new fans.
I’m a lagger but the only time that I will like Julia Gillard is her end of world address. That was really funny.Julie Bieber ✌
I hadn’t considered that the success of K-pop is probably another indication that the Mayans were right. The end is near. HT:Julia GillardColleen
Julia Gillard’s doomsday video is actually pretty funny!Miss OVH
Julia Gillard Stunt Video = Congratulatory message from ME for actually being funny! I might reconsider my vote for the next election…..Marlene Di Marte
Julia Gillard and the end of the world – hilarious; true Australian humour by a usually not so funny PMLorna Payne
Julia Gillard – "All Australian’s good luck because the Mayans were correct and that the end of the world is here." Wren
Whether the Mayans were right about the end or not, Gillard’s video has vaulted to world’s funniest leader, at least for the next few weeks.

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Australian PM jokes about end of the world

  1. When the whole world says lie, we think that is the truth, and when one person says the truth, we think the person is mad. Australian PM may be correct.

    • the peoplehave been fooled before maybe not destruction but a take over

  2. people will probably start committing suicide because of this shit. Julia, you are to blame.

  3. Ah right, she makes a stupid joke and everyone wants to vote for her in the next election? Just think about the irrationality of that? Sometimes I think a monarchy is better because then there are no imbeciles voting based on idiotic thinking.

    This is obviously a ploy to increase ratings, why would you vote because she made a joke, what does this have to do with the running of a country. And lastly, why would you even think she’s not funny in her personal life?

    Imbeciles, don’t vote, don’t do anything, just go live in the wilderness away from society.

  4. I’d like to see a duo performance with prime minister Gillard and sean mcallif

  5. after this, she not yet say anything about this. we also waiting.

  6. Is Gillard trying to be a fool, when she is not tripping over herself , India/Canberra, she’s playing the fool .We know she is good at lying and slush funds, and stabbing Rudd.When will she get interested in the economy

  7. Strange how people would make a decision on who to vote for according to how funny that person is. Oh well, I guess that’s democracy at work.

  8. I think she meant to say “flatiating aussies”

  9. Oh lighten up people…..! She’s joking!

  10. She’s joking here but, she is a true believer in the equally silly and irrational belief in the coming apocalypse predicted by global warmists.