Australian PM's rant changes dictionary definition of misogyny -

Australian PM’s rant changes dictionary definition of misogyny


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s rant in Parliament, in which she accused Opposition leader Tony Abbott of sexist and misogynist behaviour, has prompted Aussie dictionary editors to literally rewrite the definition of misogyny.

The Macquarie Dictionary, which bills itself as Australia’s National Online Dictionary, announced that it is changing the current definition of misogyny from “a pathological hatred of women” to “entrenched prejudice against women,” reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The coming change was, in part, inspired by the heated debate between Gillard and Abbott, dictionary editor Sue Butler told ABC News. “The debate certainly brought it to our attention,” she said. “I always think of myself as the person with the mop and the broom and the bucket who’s cleaning up the language after the party’s over.”

Opposition members were unimpressed with the dictionary’s decision. “Ms. Gillard called Mr. Abbott a misogynist. Mr. Abbott clearly does not hate women,” Senator Fiona Nash told the Morning Herald. “It would seem more logical for the Prime Minister to refine her vocabulary than for the Macquarie Dictionary to keep changing its definitions every time a politician mangles the English language.”

Nearly two million people have watched Gillard’s rant on Youtube since it was posted last week. Her attack was prompted after the Opposition leader said that the House Speaker should step down over a mounting scandal about inappropriate text messages sent to another staffer. Speaker Peter Slipper did eventually step down, but not until Gillard did this:

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Australian PM’s rant changes dictionary definition of misogyny

  1. That’s silly. They change it just because the PM says something unkind? I didn’t know they had puppets of the PM in Australia, too!

  2. The Macquarie Dictionary made the wrong call IMO, what a nonsense. I don’t know enough about the opposition to know if he hates woman or not, and, that was one long rant, wow.

    It also made me appreciate our House of Commons even more, it’s beautiful, Australia one looks like an ER at best, sorry.

    • Theirs is not a house of commons. It’s a house of representatives.

      • Oh I didn’t know that, thanks. Still not a nice building, it’s missing something.

        • What’s it missing?

          • It looks like an ER room, very plain and ordinary.
            Have you ever been to our House of Commons?! That’s a beautiful building.

          • No, but I’ve seen it on cpac.

  3. Ms. Gillard really needs to take a Valium and get an Oxford dictionary.

    • Oxford is British. She’s probably so selfish she’s nationalist and hates the idea of even looking at a British one.