Australians breed massive prawn -

Australians breed massive prawn

10 years of tweaking by scientists results in tastier breed of shellfish


Australian scientists have bred the largest tiger prawn yet. If a new breeding program is introduced, it could double Australia’s prawn production from 5,000 tonnes a year to 12,500 tonnes and add US$103 million to the industry by 2020. “You can now produce prawns, particularly at times of the year when you want them fresh. In Australia one would like to have fresh prawns at Christmas time,” said Bruce Lee, director of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, to the Telegraph.


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Australians breed massive prawn

  1. This is just the first innocent step into a nightmarish world of enormous killer prawns roaming our streets. I advise you begin stockpiling weapons now.

      • Well we can't say the good people of NZ didn't try to warn us.

        • Shame no one listens to us Kiwis until it is too late!

    • Now we REALLY know what the protestors in Toronto were upset about. They were protesting the international Prawns Race. The world leaders were meeting to discuss what to do with this threat to their global prawn-ination. But is Australia really a threat, or is it just a Paper Tiger Prawn?

  2. Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong line of work.

  3. I'm at a loss to explain a giant shrimp, isn't that a contradiction of terms?