Authenticity Watch: Freezing in the dark -

Authenticity Watch: Freezing in the dark


“I know this sounds really lame, but I listen to a lot of music and it just sounds better.”

That’s New York sculptor Justen Ladda, explaining why he doesn’t heat his apartment.  Are you still using heat? Yuppie.  Cold is the new warm, dude.  Not only do you save money, but you can yank out your insulation to improve the acoustics in your living room. Besides, as Jake Dibeler, a 21-year-old performance artist living in an unheated warehouse in Baltimore with five roommates and two cats points out, a space heater is “a placebo at best”.

I wonder if they ever get together with the urban cavemen, and sit around on a concrete floor eating boar.

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Authenticity Watch: Freezing in the dark

  1. Reminds me of a few years ago when I had a consulting gig in Calgary and had to rent a condo for a number of months. It was a ground floor unit, walking distance to downtown, and had a unit above, and on either side. That particular year, Ralph Klein decided that gas prices were too high for Albertans, so every household would receive a $300 rebate off their gas bill (a sort of reverse NEP – one price for Albertans, the other price for the rest of North America – unbelieveably stupid policy, but typical Ralph).

    So, early every morning I would shut my heat off completely, even when it was -30 C, and head off for a long day at work, knowing that my cold unit would be a heat sink for the ones being heated above and beside me. No way my pipes would freeze so long as the neighbours didn't do the same. I actually think I made money that winter on my heating bill. Thanks Ralph, bonehead.

    • So you're saying that essentially you stole heat from your neighbours, and somehow this is Ralph Klein's fault because he didn't feel the government should get excess revenue from the public? Wow!

      • Boy, you guys go for the bait everytime. Do I need a fishing license?

        What I was doing is no different than using a programmable thermostat. Heated rooms above and beside limit heat loss from my unit – so while I characterized it as a heat sink – not likely the flow was reversed.

        I was backhandedly thanking Ralph for the $300, a stupid subsidy. If the units above and beside me didn't care about conserving energy because it didn't cost them anything, then that is exactly what leads to high energy consumption – and leads to a detachment between market price and what you pay. And leads to high per capita energy use/wastage.

        • How much money do you figure that you saved by doing this?

          • Hard to say. It was a few years ago. I normally like the place colder than average, and cool at night. And besides, it was a recently built place (tight and insulated) and only 1 1/2 bedroom – so the $300 rebate (one size fits all) was totally unnecessary, and unneeded.

            Btw, were you at the GRAND last night? I think I played indoor virtual golf in the lobby of that place a few yrs ago (before refurbishment)after our two foursomes got snowed out at Kananaskis end of Sept one time.

          • I was indeed at the Grand. (You're right that there used to be a virtual indoor golf thing in that spot.) It was two hours well spent. There were lots of MLAs in the audience in addition to those on stage. In fact, Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann crashed the party in an amusing way.

          • Yeah, I watched it on CPAC. He was the guy who got fired by Lorne Taylor when Taylor was Environment Minister in Klein's gov't, and Swann was the regional health official (forget title) who said that restricting emissions, in accordance with Kyoto, would be good health wise.

            I'll say more when Wells posts a blog on it. I personally was disappointed in the choice of guests (not all)- fairly predictable responses, no diversity (all politicians?) and provincial outlook. I felt Wells got the list from his Ottawa rollodex. Coyne's and his closing comments were interesting, and astute, however.

  2. I keep my apartment temperature at 68F so that my fingers won't seize up when I write. I'm authentically old. :)

  3. “I didn't want to do some faddish diet that my sister would do,” Mr. Durant said."

    Durant I hate to tell you this but only eating meat, fruit and veg while taking bread out of your diet is exactly the faddish diet your sister would do. Just because you call it caveman, and not Atkins, does not mean your non-carb diet is special.

    And I like having a girlfriend, so I won't be joining the no-heat in home movement.

    I wonder where the NY Times finds these batsh*t crazy people and then try to convince us this is some kind of urban trend when it's really only a few friends of article's author.

    • Without the Times I never would have been able to write my book.

  4. It's an ethical decision. Until all the people in Africa have central heating it isn't reasonable to have it in NYC.

  5. Don't try this in Montreal. Owing to a defective gas heater, which radiated only about three feet and otherwise served to heat my upstairs landlord's apartment, I was non-voluntarily authentic for two winters and basically froze my ass off. I don't recall the sound texture improving, though at the time I wasn't an audiophile.

    On the other hand, I can see that there's something to be said for being voluntarily cold. Some people enjoy winter camping, for instance. Much of medieval culture is a glorification of asceticism. Suum cuique.

  6. Can the return of death by Consumption as the prime determinant of the true artiste be far behind?

    • I thought death by Syphilis was the prime determinant of the true artiste.