Authenticity Watch: Obama -

Authenticity Watch: Obama


Via Gawker, Lars von Trier explains why he thought there would never be a black president:

“President Obama seems very authentic… I wonder if there’s a white man inside of him.”

You’ll find lots more on Obama, blackness, authenticity, and politics here.

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Authenticity Watch: Obama

  1. I see what you did there! You're promoting your own book! Shame…..

    Naturally, I did end up ordering a copy….

    • I know, it's all very Wellsian of me.

  2. Andrew Potter is a culture critic? I did not know that.

  3. "One of Canada's hippest, smartest cultural critics takes on the West's defining value."

    Okay, who wrote that? I mean to say, is it an authentic objective opinion, or Potter's own?

    • I'm not sure how it works for books like Potter's, which are aimed at a wider audience than most academic work (I'm pretty sure Potter is down with the public intellectual label), but in academia there's a process for getting blurbs. There are a bunch of usual suspects (some of them fairly big names) who like endorsing things, and will write favourable blurbs for just about anything.