Authenticity Watch: Organic Mattresses


You have to hand it to the New York Times: With Americans facing what is shaping up to be the worst economic downturns in decades, they still duty-bound to give their readers this sort of stuff:

The question of what’s really in a mattress is important, at least as some people see it, because, they believe, any product made with synthetic materials carries potential health risks. “You spend a third of your life in bed,” said Debra Lynn Dadd, an author and blogger in Clearwater, Fla., who has been writing about toxic substances in household products for 25 years. “If you are interested in things like organic food and natural beauty products,” she added, “you should realize that you’re actually getting a greater exposure to toxic chemicals in your bed than anywhere else.”


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Authenticity Watch: Organic Mattresses

  1. What’s wrong with the article Andrew? Should all reporting now focus only on the economy? I actually learned a few things reading the article.


  2. So true, I was exposed to toxic substances in bed too, but then I graduated from university and got married … “A third of your life in bed”, I think Debra sleeps too much …

  3. I got a laugh out of this bizarre comparison:

    “I have personally believed for 20 years that mattresses are at the same place cigarettes were in the 1930s,” Mr. Bader added. “Potentially very dangerous and no government warnings.”