Autopsy results suggest Giuseppe De Vito died in jail of cyanide poisoning

MONTREAL – Quebec’s coroner’s office says an inmate who died under suspicious circumstances in a federal penitentiary likely was poisoned with cyanide.

A toxicology report released Monday showed levels of cyanide in Giuseppe De Vito’s blood and in his stomach.

De Vito died at the Donnacona Institution, a maximum-security federal facility near Quebec City. He was found unconscious in his cell last July 8.

The convicted mobster was serving a 15-year sentence for drug trafficking.

He was the husband of Adele Sorella, a Quebec woman who was found guilty this past June in the slayings of the couple’s two children.

Those March 2009 deaths occurred while De Vito was on the lam from police.

When De Vito was arrested in 2010, he’d drastically changed his appearance.

He was suspected of being one of those involved in a play for leadership of the Mafia a few years ago in Montreal.


Autopsy results suggest Giuseppe De Vito died in jail of cyanide poisoning

  1. While the death of a serious criminal is hardly worth tears, the fact that criminal activity can reach into a prison – a place that should be under the control of the government – is very troubling. It should be impossible for prisoners to escape, and impossible for prisoners to assault each other.

    • Every prison is like this.Drugs are rampant in all prisons. Smuggling in cyanide would be just as easy as smuggling in any other substance.

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