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Avatar ad targets Alberta’s oil sands

Oil producers take issue with comparison to film


Alberta oil producers are taking issue with an ad published in Variety magazine that compares the province’s oil sands development to environmental havoc wreaked by humans in Avatar, James Cameron’s Oscar-nominated film. With the headline “Canada’s Avatar Sands,” the full-page ad, which appeared in trade publication Variety, is signed by 50 non-governmental organizations, environmental groups and some First Nations groups, and shows an oil sands mine. The ad came out just as Hollywood prepares for the Academy Awards on Sunday, the Edmonton Journal notes. Unlike in the movie, where people plunder planet Pandora to obtain mineral wealth, devastating local communities, “Aboriginal people are the oil and gas industry’s neighbours, employees, contractors and stakeholders,” Janet Annesley, vice-president of communications for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, said in a news release. But Eriel Deranger of the Rainforest Action Network, a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, said, “The Canadian Petroleum Producers probably feel like they are benefiting First Nations people because they are offering them jobs—but what good is a job if it involves killing your own community?”

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Avatar ad targets Alberta’s oil sands

  1. This is the same group of people that the producer of 10,000 BC had to explain to them the show was not a documentary!

    • What do you expect from people that promote Al Gore science fiction film as a documentary that has to be used to indoctrinate school children.

      • What "same of people"?

        duh. all school is indoctrination. except, of course, whatever we teach our own kids. right

  2. Any negative hype for the tar sands is good hype and is fine by me … let the "fossil fuel" industry be relegated to exactly where it originated from and to where it belongs ad vitam aeternam, i.e. deep underground, along with the other dinosaur remains and fossils.

  3. if we eliminated fossil fules wouldn't ontario quebec and the maritimes suffer as they freeload off of the west's wealth?…how about if you let alberta keep all of its revenue from the oil industry and then buy carbon credits with some of the money

  4. I'm getting tired of listening to first nations bashing of economic projects. Seems like we should all be living in teepees chasing wildlife to eat. I suppose if we would have left our countries development up to them we would still be doing just that. What can be said about a people that couldn't even come up with the wheel.

    • Why not let them live in teepees chasing wildlife to eat? Makes no difference to me!

  5. "signed by 50 non-governmental organizations, environmental groups and some First Nations groups, and shows an oil sands mine."

    All these groups are parasites that are living off government handouts that is financed partly from the oil tar sand revenues and taxes. They are pissing into the well from which they are drinking.

    • "pissing in the well from which they are drinking"

      well done. this aptly describes the oil sands project in its totality.

  6. The Oil Sands would become more appealing if they were filmed in 3D