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B.C. cracks down on drunk drivers

Province introduces what it says is the toughest law in Canada


The provincial government in B.C. has introduced what Solicitor-General Mike de Jong says are the strictest drinking-and-driving rules in Canada. Under the new rules announced Tuesday, police will be allowed to immediately fine and suspend drivers with a blood-alcohol level of 0.05 and higher. Those caught with blood-alcohol levels between 0.05 and 0.08 face an immediate three-day driving ban, possible vehicle impoundment and up to $600 in fines or fees. Under the current system, those drivers would get a 24-hour driving ban. Those caught with a blood-alcohol level above 0.08 will be subject to a 90-day driving ban and related costs of $3,750.

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B.C. cracks down on drunk drivers

  1. I'm fine with this. Getting impaired drivers off the road hasn't sunk in after years of deaths and injuries to innocents. The loss of one life is too many. Unfortunately, the life lost is usually that of an innocent person, such as four-year-old Alexa, who was feeding a horse by the side of the road. Her parents spearheaded this tougher law, and I applaud their stamina and resolve in hanging in until they got at least this much improvement in the system. Next month they will witness Alexa's alleged killer appear in court — finally — two years after the child's death.

  2. I'd rather see more resources for police and the courts to catch and prosecute drunk drivers. More rules don't help people unless they can be enforced. I live near a bunch of bars and have never seen a checkstop. It would make more sense to catch more >.08 drivers than focusing on those in the .05-.08 range.

  3. $3750 total costs are a little steep ..that would force anybody on a budget off the road for a long time ..i imagine people from other provinces or the usa would get out of having to install the ignition device or go for the course …anyhoo…if the goal is to prevent people from drinking and driving it will definitely help .. John is correct that enforcement is also required …criminologists say that it is the certainty of being caught and the certainty of the punishment that could influence behaviour …i imagine some average people who just had three or four drinks will also get busted

  4. The Crimnal Code of Canada sets out the the legal definition of 0.08 for impairment charges. Above that point people are breaking the law. Under this plan people who are not in violation of the law 0.05 are to be punished, not charged, without the right of a court hearing to defend themelves when decsions are made by police using questionable technical machinery to unilaterally decide someone's fate. I submit that another issue around civil liberties and personal rights for a fair hearing are being comprised by the provincial governement. While the cause to erradicate drinking and driving is noble and just, the means to do so should be within the scope of the Criminal law. In B.C. levels of governement are becoming more and more active in limiting individual liberties from complete bans on smoking to restricting what playground equipment children can play on, what they can eat in schools, and a host of other requirements of state intervention.