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B.C. defends bid to televise Stanley Cup riot trials

Attorney General pushes forward with application to televise trials of accused rioters


Attorney-General of British Columbia Shirley Bond is defending the provincial government’s bid to televise the trials of those accused in Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riots, The Globe and Mail reports. Her office issued a statement standing by its proposal in response to suggestions that televising the trials will jam the court system. Bond says televising the trials is important because it will provide the public with transparency. Some defense lawyers are critical of the idea, presuming clients will not want to appear on television as accused rioters. So far, charges have been recommended for 80 people, 8 of whom appeared in court last week. In each appearance the crown tabled a request to televise their trial. Judges will rule on the applications and consent of all parties be required in order for any trial to be televised.

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B.C. defends bid to televise Stanley Cup riot trials

  1. Well if all sides need to consent to this this story is over before it began, does Judge Bond just want her own TV show?

  2. they didn,t mind being photograghed when they were on the street.

  3. For those opposing the trial being televised, I want to ask: Why not? Government should be open. I for one would like to see this policy be made universal…and these days, you don’t even need a TV camera—just have a regular SLR or high-end point-and-shoot set up to broadcast (SLRs and high-end point-and-shoots have high-definition capability).