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B.C. energy minister quits

Blair Lestrom tenders his resignation, blames HST


Blair Lestrom, B.C.’s minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, announced his resignation Friday, citing widespread opposition to the HST. “The people I represent say we want to talk to you about this,” Lestrom says, “we want you to put the brakes on the HST.” Lestrom also criticized B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell’s government for pushing ahead with the tax despite the public outcry. Opponents of the HST have collected hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition to protest its implementation, but Campbell remains unswayed by the outpouring. The premier says he has no plans to drop the HST, which is set to come into effect July 1.

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B.C. energy minister quits

  1. Obviously Campbell playing deaf to such a public outcry is a problem, but I can hardly blame him since there is so much misinformation about the HST coming from both sides.
    This guy calling it quits is political opportunism at it's best: this way he can always came crawling back saying, "hey at least I was against the HST!"

  2. The writing is on the wall for the Liberals. If the remaining members had any integrity they would resign en mass. The alternative is voter recalls of enough MLA's to cost the Liberals their majority and cause the government to fall.

  3. There's no principal involved with Lekstroms resignation, it's jump before push.
    An easy hour and a 1/4 drive to Grand Prairie Alberta a big city and excellent shopping no PST.
    It's always been a challenge for BC Peace River Business's to compete with Alberta's no PST.
    The BC Liberals HST well not only break the back of street business but cause the multi million dollar oil sector to move to Alberta.


    • Again, Misinformation. Why would the oil sector move to Alberta when the PST is reduced on their capital expenditures and expenses? Wouldn't they support BC operations more?

    • The HST means businesses can now write OFF what they used to have to pay for– the PST. With HST they are fully exempt now, so that is why the federal Harper Conservatives have been only too happy to bring BC and ON on board with this, because it's better for businesses.

      The PR on this has been fascinating– the BC and ON govt's have been taking a beating and the feds have gotten off scott free, when really they're all on the same page.

  4. As an outsider, I never was able to understand why the people of BC would even consider Campbell after the mess he had already led the province into ! Either there are a lot of younger, uneducated voters who were fooled by the right-wing press, or some still miffed over a little DECK schemozel ? Can't understand why people feel that, to quote Einstein [or whomever], "…if you keep doing things the same way, you will somehow end up with a different answer". It just ain't gonna happen. The day the 'right ' cares one iota for the common man is the same day the Gulf of Mexico turns to pure sea water over a 24 hour period ! I didn't know there were more millionaires in BC than there are common professionals and wage earners…guess I was wrong…so keep voting for Campbell and hoping for a different answer !

    • When your looking at the ballot box here in Northern BC there is not much to choose from. I will never vote NDP and there is no Conservative running in our area, therefore, I am ashamed to say I voted for the local person I know, a Liberal. Yes, many of us have learned our lesson, the local guy has a boss who is the puppet master. Unfortunately for us it is Campbell, I would never have voted for him if I knew the HST was in his plans. He lied to us and therefore missled many of into voting for his party…….never again, we need another option!

    • …"Right wing Press"????…..in BC??? Take another look buddy!

  5. Seniors can only afford to buy new mobile homes, used ones are full of mold, conventional homes, even used, are out of the question, due to inflated prices, the HST will add the PST to the price tag of new mobile and modular homes. After working in Alberta for 30 years I moved back to BC to retire, then along came Campbell.

  6. Blair Lekstrom is reminiding me a lot John Nunziata which is kind of interesting because just the other night I saw none Nunziata say that the GST is now a good thing not a bad thing.

  7. I, for one, think the HST is a great idea. Maybe that makes me a minority of one, but so be it.

    • Maybe I'm missing something here Brian, but how could a tax like this that takes even MORE money from overtaxed Canadians be a good thing?

  8. I left BC in 82' and came to Alberta. It's not prefect here..but I am so glad I do not reside in my home province anymore!

  9. I admit I have no idea if this so-called HST is a good thing or a bad thing. I do know, however, Campbell is corrupt and a liar having fattened up the wallets of himself and many of lhis friends and colleagues. Problem is, the NDP are beyond incompetent which leaves Joe Average in an ugly spot.

  10. I believe Blair has jumped ship because he knows the writing is on the wall for Gordon. Blair has the priemer's job in his sight's and is getting ready for the right moment to re-appear the the helm of one of the opposition parties.