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B.C. grow-op guarded by 10 black bears

Woman tamed bears to scare off potential thieves


RCMP officers in B.C. say the 1,000 plant grow-op they found 350 km east of Vancouver two weeks ago was guarded by 10 tame black bears. A neighbour of the woman accused of growing the marijuana said the suspect had been feeding the bears for years so they would stay close by and scare away potential thieves away. “[Officers] noticed the bears were docile and tame,” RCMP Sgt. Fred Mansveld told CBC News. “One of them jumped on our unmarked car for a while.” Because the bears have lost their fear of humans, RCMP say they may have to be destroyed.

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B.C. grow-op guarded by 10 black bears

  1. Throw the bears in prison and throw away the keys. They are clearly part of an organized crime syndicate and their ages must not be a factor in their sentencing.

  2. You gotta admit, having bears guard anything is pretty bad ass.

  3. show the bears footage of Perez Hilton or have a shirtless Patrick Kane attack them. That'll make 'em scared of humans again.

  4. ….or they could put them in a zoo instead of killing them?! if they're already used to humans and have been fed by humans for the past 10 years; I'm sure they'd do just fine in a zoo…

  5. If you go down to the woods today…

  6. ''Officers noticed the bears were docile and tame'' Of course their docile..their stoned, munch on a little B.C.bud, eat some human food, nap time…repeat as required..Too bad they will probably have to be destroyed. The accused should also be charged under the wildlife act. There is a saying around this neck of the woods…''A fed bear is a dead bear ! What a bloody shame……

  7. Why in the world do they need to be "destroyed" (I'm no animal rights advocate, but these are living beings, they will be killed; let's call a spade a spade).
    It's rather ridiculous. Then again, if they don't do anything about them and they end up killing or hurting someone it'll be their fault.

    A sad state of affairs…

  8. That's nothing, my grandpappy used 5 grizzlies dual-wielding Mako sharks to guard his still.

  9. Hi there. Please visit my facebook site HELP SAVE THE BC BEARS. I, and many others are doing what we can to ENSURE the BC Government seeks alternative measures (such as relocation) rather than the senseless slaughter of these docile bears. Many thanks.

    • I wonder how docile they will be, once you cut them off the pot and twinkies ?? Seriously though, good luck !

  10. According to the news articles . The bears are on private owned property. Not bothering anyone. Eating and living a docile life . Why can,t we leave them alone…………

  11. Guys, just let them destroy the bears, interfering is futile.

  12. Relocate the weed ,leave the bears alone.

  13. what the f**k is wrong with you people. There animals for christ sake, just because they were getting fed by this woman dosnt mean that the F***ken bears know what there doing. i love canada and all but wow if we made weed legal there would be more profit if you sold it in stores because almost 75% of canadians smoke pot. its safer then alcohol. we dont need meth or speed all we need is a little bag of weed. crime would be down and we know that the pot is safe because if the government grew it they wouldnt spray it with chemicals.