B.C. launches online tool for kids to report bullying


VANCOUVER – The B.C. government has unveiled an online tool designed to let children anonymously report bullying to school administrators.

The province has been working on its Erase Bullying strategy since June, and among its goals was to create a website for parents and students that included a reporting tool.

The tool presents children with a form for them to record what happened, and they can choose whether they want school staff to contact them.

The information is then shared with their safe schools’ co-ordinator, who will decide what steps to take, such as alerting administrators or, in serious cases, calling in the police.

The tool and website were unveiled at a government-organized anti-bullying conference in Vancouver today, where Premier Christy Clark told participants that bullying is not simply a part of growing up.

Clark says schools can’t view bullying as merely a conflict between two students, but should handle bullying as a situation that has a victim and a perpetrator.

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B.C. launches online tool for kids to report bullying

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