B.C. meat plant covered up E. coli contamination

Provincial regulations do not require disease testing


A meat processing plant in Pitt Meadows, B.C. will not be required to test for E. coli even though plant officials were recently caught covering up evidence of contaminated meat. While testing for E. coli is required for meat plants that are federally licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, provincial regulations are not mandated to do the same. A spokesman for the B.C. Centre for Disease Control says testing at provincial plants isn’t required because “the likelihood of finding a contaminated sample is very low.” Nevertheless, plant officials at the Pitt Meadows plant failed to report test results showing the presence of E. coli after an employee brought positive test results to their attention. After being told to stay silent about the results, the employee, whom company officials accuse of trying to “sabotage” the plant, contacted CBC News about the discovery.

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B.C. meat plant covered up E. coli contamination

  1. If finding contaminated samples of meat is "very low" then i guess this finding is just coincidence??Or is the fact that the meat plant requested the employee to stay silent about what he found just the tip of the iceberg. For the good of the public, all foods should be tested wherever they are processed. If the federal government feels it is important why not the province that I live in!

    • Good question Rodney. But you should know, it's all about money and greed, so the consumer is the last one to know. I can see a Class Action Law Suit in the near future!!! It's only a matter of time before deaths are reported from eating this contaminated meat, similar to the Maple Leaf Meats contamination inwhich killed 20 people here in Ontario and the Walkerton E. coli deaths of seven people. Oh yes, it's time we hold our Government responsible for all deaths for it is the government who has dropped the ball on this one, including the meat plant too.

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