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B.C. Place to get retractable roof

“Mega-deal” for post-Olympic development includes casino and entertainment complex: report


How about a little fresh air—and some gambling—to cure your post-Olympic hangover? The Province newspaper reports today that the B.C. government has concluded a colossal deal to develop the lands west of B.C. Place Stadium, which will get a new, retractable lid as part of the agreement. The linchpin of the deal is the sort of sprawling casino and entertainment complex that is never an easy sell in Vancouver; an existing one, according to The Province‘s report, will likely be shut down to accommodate the new facility. Meantime, the cost of the retractable roof to replace the stadium’s existing pillowy top comes in at a whopping $563 million. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s four and a half times what it cost to build the concrete-and-Teflon monstrosity, which opened in 1983. We’re not talking inflation-adjusted dollars, here. Still, it seems like a lot just to catch up to Toronto.

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B.C. Place to get retractable roof

  1. Wow,

    It will be fantastic to sit in the stadium with the roof open, with eight other fans watching the BC Lions play, during that one day of the year when it isn't raining (assuming of course that day also falls on a home game date).

    • Usually I hate when people are all negative about stuff like this, but I'm gotta get on board with you here. For 9 Lions home games and 15 some odd Whitecap home games (once they move in), this is way too much money to spend on BC Place. The rest of the renos and the facelift its been given are enough for a CFL/MLS stadium. Remember, these still aren't, no matter what people want to think, major league sports. The revenue they generate is just not there to justify this expense.

    • There's a day?

    • Your comment is the best I've seen all month. As if the Olympics won't leave us with enough debt, let's waste more than half a billion dollars on a roof for a stadium they were thinking of closing a few years back due to infrequent use and high costs. Mind you, this is still not as stupid as wasting a billion dollars on the South Fraser Perimeter Road which will destroy invaluable farmland and threaten Burns Bog (the lungs of Metro Vancouver) all to serve a port with declining usage, but it's still incredibly dumb.

  2. Mon cher Vancouver,
    Vous êtes malade?

  3. I guess B.C. stands for Burned Capital.

  4. Regina is looking at a new stadium for in the range of $400 million. $563 million for of a retro fit seems a little high.