B.C. premier takes umbrage with Enbridge


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British Columbia premier Christy Clark is unimpressed by the company that has proposed a pipeline to run through her province.

New revelations about Enbridge Inc.’s inept handling of a 2010 spill of over three millions litres of oil in Michigan sparked strong comments from Clark.  “I think the company should be deeply embarrassed about what unfolded,” the premier said. “If they think they’re going to operate like that in British Columbia – forget it.”

She added: “I think Enbridge has some pretty important questions to answer, because the results of that report are absolutely unacceptable. … That kind of spill that happened in Michigan is not acceptable in British Columbia.”

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said this should be the “final nail in the coffin” for the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline through B.C.

Naturally, Enbridge president Al Monaco disagrees. He claims there is only “a small risk of pipeline leaks that can occur.”

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B.C. premier takes umbrage with Enbridge

  1. Good.

  2. I totally agree with Premier Christy Clark. Enbridge needs to make sure that the kind of spills that have occured on ttheir old lines can be prevented. There are technical and policy changes that can be put in place. For example means of inspection inside the opporating pipelines can be built in at very little cost (but are difficult to retrofit on old lines). There also needs and “end of life” plan in place so that whoever owns the line in 40 years knows in advance when the line needs to be taken out of service. We will probably be producing at least some bitumen beyond the expected lifetime of the pipe so we need to make any approval automatically expire at the appropriate time (before a spill). We as a povince need to identify with Ennbridge exactly where in the course of each river the puipe crosses so that impondment areas are available downstream of the pipe and plans are in place to rapidly deploy cleanup equipment when small spills occur. The LAST POINT I would like to make is related to the diluent used. Diluent for transport could be volatile alkanes rather than aromatics which are much more toxic and long lived in the environment.

    • Good post!

      Additionally, I think a trust fund for decommissioning needs to be established; estimates of cost needs to b in place and regularly updated, and a payment plan in place to ensure the funds are there when the time comes, regardless of who owns it (to ensure taxpayers aren’t saddled with the cost).

  3. This is not Christie’s province, it belongs to the all the people, and since she is losing her grip on power here and sliding rapidly in popularity, people won’t be incorrectly thinking about it being her province for much longer, or at least a whole lot of people hope so.

  4. Sorry Al, we don’t believe you! Just say “NO” to Enbridge!

  5. “Naturally, Enbridge president Al Monaco disagrees. He claims there is only “a small risk of pipeline leaks that can occur.””

    Good luck selling that so soon after a huge pipeline leak occurred.

  6. The World experience is When a spill will happen not if it will! About time Christy stood with the people of BC.
    Alberta you can have your oil but BC will not let a pipeline and giant tankers ruin our province.
    Supply Canada first. Canada currently imports oil for eastern Canada.

  7. AB could team up with E.Musk and develop LEO lift capacity to send their tar to Utah’s Mormons. Better hurry. The USA’s E-ARPA has plentiful metals wind turbine R+D due next year. B.Gates is in on a relatively cheap molten salt battery. Does AB mine antimony, magnesium (isn’t this from oceans?) or salts? Aw, Macleans picked up the wrong flag like every other cdn MSM player since 1980 save Torstar.
    Why didn’t AB spend $13M on those wind turbine studies or invest like Gates? Rae and Harper and our Chamber of Commerce, basically Canada, is still playing the retard card over and over. You ever play poker with someone who keeps showing a hand composed of a library card, a Mgaic card, and a Federal Breast Inspector card? You go to the game because the host has the hockey channel and beers…
    I think BC has better CNT underpinnings than Toronto area. BC could get in early on the power transmission aspect. Need federal help for research chairs. Does the Cali carbon tax/cap help them get another hydro line to Northern Cali? BC has the most traffic jams in Canada, 2nd only to LA. 5% of their economy is weed. Imagine if Green Party platform here, would be China level of growth and inflation.

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