B.C. premier won’t sign on to national energy strategy—yet


British Columbia premier Christy Clark won’t be adding her name to a national energy strategy, or at least not until a resolution to the Northern Gateway pipeline dispute is found, says The Huffington Post Canada.

Clark said she won’t sign onto any deal until discussions take place with Ottawa and Alberta over how the province will be compensated for letting the $6 billion pipeline to go through B.C. She stepped out of meetings at the Council of the Federation in Halifax to make the announcement.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford said that the inability to agree on a national energy plan didn’t worry her. “I don’t think we should lament the fact that we’re not all the way there yet,” she said.

Clark was more direct: “It’s not a national energy strategy if B.C. hasn’t signed on.”

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B.C. premier won’t sign on to national energy strategy—yet

  1. A blatant attempt by Clark to keep votes from bleeding over to the NDP in the upcoming BC election. If Clark wins I bet this is settled quietly behind closed doors.

    • Er, but Clark won’t win, can’t win. She would have been better advised to do what she really thought was best for BC. And, preferably, Canada.

  2. It’s only an election game going on here. Any party will bend over and let it happen freely at the beginning of a term.

  3. She just joined Rene Levesque. I guess BC is different.

  4. Clark is a superficial twit… crass politicking in a futile attempt at saving her job… it won’t work. Clark is nothing more then a care taker Premier, she has never had a mandate from the people of BC and she never will.

  5. Has anyone read the “National Energy Strategy” documents that Canada’s Premiers are signing?
    As for BC Premier Clark, as soon as she swayed away from environmental concerns toward monetary gains ………………… If her government truely cared about BC’s environment they would put a STOP to dumping raw sewage in Victoria and several other coastal cities.
    Poluted Hypocrits….
    Let’s read this newest National Energy Strategy and form our own conclusion, Canadians are smarter than political bureaucrats think we are ;-)

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