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B.C. prisons prepare for arrival of Tamil migrants

As many as 200 Tamils believed to be headed for Canada aboard the MV Sun Sea


The wardens at Fraser Regional Corrections Centre and Alouette Correctional Centre for Women are reportedly preparing for the arrival of an estimated 200 Tamil migrants travelling on board the MV Sun Sea. The prisons are the same ones that were used to house 76 Tamil migrants who arrived aboard the MV Ocean Lady in 2009. The Canadian Tamil Congress claims the migrants are refugees and not threats to national security. “We understand that Canadian security is paramount to everything, including Tamil Canadians,” says David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress. “At the same time, we are cautioning our government and our fellow Canadians to please reserve judgment until we hear from the people on-board.” The Foreign Affairs Department, the CBSA, the RCMP and Canadian Coast guard have not yet confirmed where the ship is.

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B.C. prisons prepare for arrival of Tamil migrants

  1. Apparently, we have international commitments in such circumstances, treaties and what not, to uphold. That doesn't mean that we can't charge a rental fee for the use of Canadian government accommodation while their claims are being processed.

  2. Refuel their Ship,make sure its seaworthy,supplly them with food,drinking water,and medical supplies,and then send them on their way to anywhere else but Canada. Enough is enough already…Just say ''NO'' Canada !!

    • Right on, True North. We are seen as a soft touch to be taken advantage of.
      Time to show some backbone.

  3. Notice the media's attempt to mainstream the word "migrant" in lieu of "immigrant". We call this the "euphemism treadmill", replacing a term every ten years (negro, to coloured, to black, to african-american, and now "racialized person", or in Canada Indian, Amerindian, First Nations, aboriginals, autochtones, and now Natives) for no good reason.

    If these Tamils got off the boat and immediately proceeded to Lion's Gate bridge and shut it down the police wouldn't do a thing, as evidenced by recent Tamil "demonstrations" in Toronto and Ottawa, so I doubt they are scared by the empty threat of detention.

    Remember, these people believe Canada and Canadians are "complicit" in "genocide" against Tamils (I have many pictures proving this) because we didn't support their terrorist organization. And what do people do when they believe that others have committed genocide against them? They seek revenge, and if the Hague won't hear their case they'll take it in their own hands. If these so-called migrants lay a finger on Canadians – and I for one believe that a Tamil terrorist attack on Canadians is inevitable – it will be the multi-cult left who have blood on their hands.

  4. Great. We are the new dumping ground for the Third World. Wake up Canada.

  5. Are the Canadian Navy so ineffective that they can't meet this ship in international waters and escort them out from Canadian waters? What is the point of having a navy?

  6. Target practice. Sink it.

    • Even as a joke (and I am not sure that was your intent, anyway), that was pathetic.

  7. As soon as this ship enters Canadian waters, maybe sooner, rescue any children under 18 for foster care on land. Any resistance to this humanitarian gesture may be met with whatever force the Navy deems necessary to protect its service members and to accomplish the mission.

    Quarantine the rest at sea until they are all tested negative for the new Indian superbug. Once negative, process each claim at sea, quick triage-style, before even bringing each claimant over to the BC prison for more detailed processing. Any suspected terrorist who fails triage either (a) has cash to buy own one-way and RCMP escort's return plane tickets, (b) flies home as extradited suspect at the expense of whichever country wants him, or (c) stays on boat. Once all claims are triaged, follow true north's advice above.

    Identify the human smugglers on board, and either (a) arrest, charge and try for the crime, or (b) extradite to whichever country wants them more than we do.

    • Why not skip all of the time and expense to do this and just follow what true north said? We're a dumping ground for these ingrates…it's time to stop and look at what we are doing!

    • Who will be paying the exorbitant expense associated with your plan? Microbiological testing, strongarming children into state custody for no reason other than they are Tamil children, investigate and extradite potential criminals — the average citizen couldn't hope to acquire the kind of government attention you're expressing here. I agree with the above poster — intercept the boat, send it back. Israel does it all the time.

      • Because that's not how Canada treats refugee claimants at our land border or at our airports, even if they paid criminals to get them that far. Why does a boatload from the sea get no claim that a station-wagon-ful at Niagara Falls does?

        The kids will be rescued from likely awful conditions that some care-giving adult imposed on them. The Tamil part had (and has) nothing to do with it. So you can swallow the "no reason other than" bit, thanks.

        If that new bug was in one or a few of these people, then there's a good chance the conditions aboard helped spread it widely, so it behooves us to test 'em. Unless you'd like to wait for the exorbitant expense of dealing with oodles of sick Vancouverites once the germ spreads further.

        • You purposefully missed the crux of my argument. The costs associated with everything you've suggested and everything the government is now doing is exorbitant. A member of the Canadian Tamil Congress or whatever they call themselves slipped up on the news the other day and said most of these people have family members living in Canada. So why not sponsor? I know from personal experience that family reunification wait times in Canada are but a matter of months. Instead, human smugglers extort $40,000 a pop from their own people, trap them on a ship for months at a time where disease is free to ripple through unabated, and then Canada is supposed to cover the costs of jail time, court hearings, refugee claims (after the fact), and hospital bills because family members didn't think it was worth it to sponsor their kin. I don't buy it, and we should all be suspect of 500 individuals who circumvented the porous, speedy immigration policy of Canada and choose disease and cramped space instead.

          • Given what you have subsequently posted, I guess you missed the crux of your argument, too, and I will not be so bold as to presume your intent. Nowhere in your earlier comment do you bring up family reunification.

            And I agree with you. Why not sponsor, indeed, instead of this bizarre, unhealthy and risky venture. But none of that changes the fact that they are here and these are our refugee laws and policies.

  8. Just don't let them get into Canadian territorial waters. Is there any Navy forces present or not ?
    Enough is enough. There is no more space for welfare-milking third world slum in this country.

    • I don't understand the government's stance on this. The role of the state is not de facto social worker. You think it's "nice" to allow people who flagrantly thumb their noses at the immigration system, which is one of the most open and unregulated systems in the world, immediate refugee status no questions asked? It's an abuse, and shows the world the soft backbone of Canada. Applying for immigration status in Canada is very simple, just a little bit of paperwork and a few citizen's documents. I'm sure Sri Lanka is eager to facilitate Tamil emigration.

  9. The Liberals will press hard to have refugee status granted.

    Until their cloning facility is complete, they will have to continue importing new Canadians to bolster their numbers.

  10. There is really no more point on arguing about what to do with this ship, as they have already landed in our territory. As Canada's hand is bound by the charter of rights which extends beyond our borders, the next step now is what to do about this. How such a good sounding piece of law could make our country quite so impotent. Had people in the past ever thought of the consequences (beyond what is at the tip of their noses) other than how good it sounds? Systemic change has to be intiated very soon, otherwise we will be at this same issue in the next few months and years. I have heard that Australia receives hundreds of refugee ships per year. Where do you think will these hundred of ships land, now that Australia starts turning then away, and those smugglers knowing that Canada can't really do anything about them?

    • I'm wondering about the other side of the issue, wherein mass exodus replaces systematic change of government. Should everyone flee their failed states and take refuge in the bloated, recession-laden West? What ever happened to la revolucion? I worry that sucking up valued members of other countries (the skilled workers set) as well as non-productive refugee welches will have a doubly negative impact on the developed and undeveloped world. I just don't think immigration is the only answer. There needs to be change, real, solid, lawful change, in failed states and less reliance on charity and hosting from the West.

  11. Why do we do this, we can't even take care of own seniors, homeless. Wake up Canadians

  12. We need to change the #@$#@ing laws and tell rest of the world to solve their own @#$%ing problems!!! When every REAL(born here) Canadian has an REAL education, job and house of their own, MAYBE then we can consider others until then THIS IS SHEAR MADNESS!!!

  13. Refuel their Ship,make sure its seaworthy,supplly them with food,drinking water,and medical supplies,and then send them on their way to anywhere else but Canada. Enough is enough already…Just say ''NO'' Canada !! PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN.THERE ARE MANY LEGITIMATE IMMIGRANTS READY TO ENTER CANADA

  14. This is no different than the tenant from hell that uses up a landlord's equity for unethical reasons.

    Watch how many claiming sanctuary apply for travel documents and visas to " visit" there homeland in a few years.

    'fuel them up, feed them and send them on their way. There are countless honest and deserving people that have been legitimately waiting to immigrate to Canada through the proper channels . They are being crapped on by way of this .

    If we must accept all sanctuary claims, perhaps we should mandate that they reside in the most rural of areas like North bay or such for a period of 5 to 10 years before being allowed to locate in major city center ?