B.C. wants better deal in Northern Gateway pipeline project


British Columbia is making demands over the $6 billion Northern Gateway oil pipeline project before they will agree to the expansion.

B.C. wants an environmental assessment, an established oil response and recovery system for land and water, and treaty rights with First Nations addressed before signing off on the controversial oil project, writes The Province. B.C. also wants a better cut of the tax revenues in the deal as compensation for the environmental risk, the Globe and Mail reports

Don’t look for Alberta to be cutting a cheque for their neighbours any time soon. “Leadership is not about dividing Canadians and pitting one province against another,” Alberta Premier Alison Redford said in a statement, according to the CBC. “Leadership is about working together.” In the showdown, B.C.’s Environment Minister, Terry Lake told CBC that the pipeline project needs more than 60 permits from B.C. before it gets the green light.

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B.C. wants better deal in Northern Gateway pipeline project

  1. If they want a better cut of the tax revenues, pass a law that taxes barrels of oil that flow through BC, and requires companies putting in pipelines to put in monitoring stations so that they can keep an accurate count of what they owe in taxes.

    Not only does it perhaps get you what you want, it’s more market transparent as well. Companies can look at the laws on your books and decide if the extra cost of shipping through BC is really worth it — and negotiate with you directly if they want better terms.

    The only downside is that it means you have to do the work your damned self.

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