Bad behaviour bars star student from becoming a lawyer -

Bad behaviour bars star student from becoming a lawyer

Ryan Manilla appeal over “good character” requirement dismissed


Ryan Manilla, the 29-year-old star law school student who won jobs at Canada’s top firms, has been officially barred from becoming a lawyer after a scuffle with his condo board, as reported in Maclean’s. After appealing the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC)’s decision to ban him from joining the profession over its ages-old “good character” requirement, Manilla appealed, but the LSUC has dismissed his appeal, the Toronto Star reports. As president of his condo board, Manilla sent threatening emails to fellow members, and forged a letter from a woman claiming to be a private investigator, all part of his battle against a proposed fee hike. He was eventually charged with criminal harassment, but charges were dropped after he met certain conditions, including apologizing and making a charitable donation in the names of those he targeted. Even so, the Law Society has banned him.


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Bad behaviour bars star student from becoming a lawyer

  1. As I've said previously, criminal behaviour
    is never becoming of an Officer of the Court.

  2. He could advise Harper.

  3. The old Law Society of BC code of conduct said it was the obligation of a lawyer at all times to remember he was a gentleman. The language may be quaint, but the sentiment remains valid. In this case the fraud is the most likely reason the LSUC refused his admission – and rightly so.

  4. Wait a minute! He is a lawyer; I don't see any problem.

    • That you do not see the problem is part of the problem

  5. He might have been okay if he'd have avoided the forgery.

    But you absolutely can't have a lawyer who's known to have forged documents of any sort. That makes every dealing with him completely unreliable.