Bad boys, bad boys -

Bad boys, bad boys

Tiger Woods’ friend, agent helped cover up his affairs


For Tiger Woods, things have gone from bad, to worse. The latest: a new report in Vanity Fair shows that many of Woods’ close advisers were involved in his affairs. This, despite Woods’ insistence that no one else knew of his infidelity. Byron Bell—Tiger’s childhood friend and now president of Woods’ design company—apparently organized the golfer’s many trysts. Jamie Jungers, cocktail waitress and Woods fling, confirmed that she “would always go through Byron” when she needed to “fly out to see [Tiger] or schedule itineraries or anything.” Woods’ agent at IMG Worldwide, Mark Steinberg, was also accused of covering up Tiger’s affairs. Mindy Lawton, another mistress, says that Steinberg was able to stop the National Enquirer from leaking the story earlier. Woods has not responded to these new allegations.

Times Online

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Bad boys, bad boys

  1. Liar, Liar, pants on fire…AGAIN!

  2. Wow, Tiger is caught for more every day it seems!

  3. Tiger Woods can't do anything now! If he sincerely promises he is going to stop, the media should leave him alone! But media wouldn't be media if they didn't make fun of and worsen celebrities' situations.

  4. Sex addict, my ass!!

    • Not anymore.. he's cured..went to Sex re-hab, so all is well in Tiger Land..tra-la-la…..

  5. Too little toooo late. The Wife and family are gone! She waited too long in my opinion.