Bad satire, meet good satire



A couple of days ago, this guy named Fagstein blew a gasket over the poor state of satire in this here pretty province. He posted a video, itself recently posted by noted metrosexual blogger Patrick Lagacé, of a clip from Rock et Belles Oreilles (it’s an imperfect comparison, but think Royal Canadian Air Farce for French people) making fun of English people. In it, the RBO boys make fun of Pulse News, Montreal’s stalwart English news broadcast, suggesting host Brian Britt et al., and all of English Quebec by extension, are ignorant, French-baiting buffoons. “[I]gnorant, bitter and sad,” was how Fagstein categorized RBO’s effort. It puts “anglo Montrealers in the same boat as anti-French Albertans, franco-incompetent Ontarians and gun-toting southern U.S. rednecks.”

Now, I loves me some Fagstein–his blog is funny, irreverent and freakishly comprehensive. But damn, that clip is over ten years old. Pre-referendum, even. As Fagstein himself points out, Pulse News hasn’t existed for three years. (The clip references Vinnie Damphousse, for chrissakes.) Yes, the English in this province still make a terrific foil for Quebec’s Franco artsy types–-salut, François Rivard, mon p’tit crisse!–-but to use this ancient clip to suggest this is the state of linguistic satire in the province ignores just how far we’ve come in making fun of one another.

As example, I humbly present the above clip of Et Dieu Créa Laflaque. Here, the show pillories the French news media, West Island Anglos, the PQ’s creepy ‘Identity Bill’ and, yes, the pitiful state of Pauline Marois’ English, all in under four minutes. It’s one of the funniest shows on television, and it aims bullets at everyone, English included.

Also, it’s less than 10 years old.

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Bad satire, meet good satire

  1. …Brian Britt has a wiki?

  2. @Andy: Damn right. The man’s an institution!

  3. I admit, my argument isn’t exactly rock-solid. But the video still rubbed me the wrong way and I wanted to mention that. The video is old, but more recent ones from RBO and PGAC still have the same problem when they caricature anglos: francophones with thick, heavy accents who trip over basic grammar in English.

    Rivard, at least, got real anglophones in his skit, but the same problem (anglos = stupid, right-wing Quebec-haters) rears its ugly head.

    The same is true in the other direction. I’ve seen clips from This Hour Has 22 Minutes that make me cringe with their obvious ignorance of Quebec culture.

    If I see some dramatic improvement in franco satire targetting CFCF, Global Quebec or CBC Montreal, I’ll gladly feast on some crow.

  4. Also, there were no gaskets blown. My plumbing system is perfectly intact. What kind of fact-checkers do you have there, anyway?

  5. Wow, that’s great animation.

  6. Recent THH22M has an impressive ignorance of Canadian culture in general.

    Anyway, this franco-incompetent Ontarian thought the roasting of Marois to be mostly unfair but entirely amusing.

  7. This is awesome! And not that unfair, really. The nun thing is a bit over the top, but what the hell.

    Best part:

    “Ca risque pas de créer deux classes de citoyens, là?”
    “Pas de tout! Ceux qui vont parler français vont être ci-toy-ens, et puis les autres seront pas. Donc ça fait juste une classe de citoyens, ça!”

  8. Martin Patriquin, 1) I am not a metrosexual and 2) I know where you live !

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