Baird allegedly made ‘inappropriate and derogatory remarks’ to Maldives official


OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is in hot water with the Maldives government.

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed has complained to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about Baird’s conduct during recent Commonwealth meetings in New York.

Waheed alleges Baird made “inappropriate and derogatory remarks” and “posed several harshly worded questions” to his acting foreign minister.

A statement posted today on the Maldives president’s website says Baird’s conduct has “put unnecessary pressure on an otherwise excellent relationship” between Canada and the small island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Waheed alleges the comments were made during a meeting of Commonwealth foreign ministers on the sidelines of last month’s United Nations general assembly.

A spokesman for Baird has yet to respond to a request for comment.


Baird allegedly made ‘inappropriate and derogatory remarks’ to Maldives official

    • Ah, no the islands are’t sinking.
      You know that Islands aren’t floating on the surface of the ocean, don’t you Wayne?

      • Actually, coral atolls do float on the surface on the ocean.


        This is a well-established known fact. So you are apparently wrong, which is not unusual.
        It is also a well-known fact that the Maldives are coral atolls.

        • Hahahahahaha!

          Oh dear. Try reading your link again.

          • What part of this sentence do you not understand?
            “When the sea rises, the atoll rises with it, and when the sea falls, they fall as well. ”
            I knew you were stupid, but really…
            This has been a known fact since Darwin postulated it.

        • Take a geology 101 course and come back to us with your findings.

          • Why do you intentionally disclose your own stupidity?

          • coming from the guy who says “over and out” that’s a bit rich

          • no u. Seriously, look up “coral atoll” on Google. You don’t even have to learn any science, just look at the pictures.

        • ” The first and most important fact, discovered by none other than
          Charles Darwin, is that coral atolls essentially “float” on the surface
          of the sea.”

          You see the scare quotes around the word float, they are there because the author was using the word float as a metaphor for what actually happens. The author goes on to explain how this “floating” happens and it involves erosion in low tides and rebuilding when levels increase. If the atolls truly floated they would bob away with the current.

          How you have the audacity to call anyone stupid else boggles the mind.


          • Spoilsport.

          • Don’t judge too quickly
            I think the hilarity will continue at a who;e new level of dumbth when scf comes back and tries to recover from this supreme moment of doltishness.

          • Congratulations, you know how to read. But you don’t need to tell me.

          • They don’t float, idiot, they grow (or erode) as sea level changes.

          • No, they don’t grow or erode. The size of the island does not change, therefore you are 100% wrong. Of course, atolls are affected by various other processes such as currents that can cause them to grow or erode, but sea level change is not one of those processes. They rise and they fall in tandem with sea level. In other words, they float, in the same way that a currency floats: it rises and falls.
            Something that doesn’t sink is something that floats.
            “float: rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking”
            Need another English lesson? It’s almost unbelievable how stupid you people are. I don’t have the time to teach you English or to teach you about coral atolls.

          • Wow. Get a valium and read about atolls. You know nothing.

            I’m giving you facts that are widely understood and scientifically accepted. In fact, Darwin was the first to postulate that atolls rise and fall with sea level. But of course, you’re smarter than Darwin (God knows if you even know who Darwin was. Science is not your strong point).

          • I’m pretty sure you are just trolling. Coral reefs grow, they do not “float”. When sea level rises, the organisms within try to stay in their preferred environment, which is to say they reach for the light near the surface of the water. If sea level rises too quickly (faster than coral can grow), the reef organisms will be unable to stay close enough to the surface of the ocean, and the reef organisms will die. There are numerous examples of “drowned reefs” in the geologic record, and indeed in the modern ocean. A better term for “drowned” is probably “starved” though.

            In short: They don’t float, they grow. A cork floats. As does a lifejacket. Or a bar of Ivory(tm) soap. A chunk of limestone does not float. Nor a piece of coral. And certainly not an entire island made of coral/limestone.

          • I never troll.

            Stop getting hung up over the word
            float: “rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking.”
            That’s one definition of the word. Click on my google link above for the definition of the word “float”.

            That’s what they do. They move near the surface of the ocean without sinking. They change shape. When sea level drops, the balance of material lost by wind and rain exceeds the material acquired from new coral. When sea level rises, more coral and limestone builds up along their boundaries, the material moves inwards by natural wind and rain processes, and the entire island will rise. That’s how they were formed in the first place, you bloody fool. This is an oversimplification – for the real specific details, read a goddamn book, idiot.
            Don’t be such a complete imbecile.

          • No u.


            God you are dense.

          • Shut the heck up, you complete moron. Go back to kindergarten. I try to do you a favour by teaching you something, and you act like a petulant crybaby infant. Grow up.

          • No. You are wrong. Atolls do not float. Get that into your head. Stop misreading geology 101.

    • ooh an ex-TV weatherman tells you that and you believe him? I’m not too sure I can believe that. Many factors threaten the Maldives including the acidification of the ocean and it’s effect on the foundational material of the islands – coral. When the acidification of the oceans reaches such a level that the coral will not be able to grow to match its rate of degradation due to erosion/being eaten then the islands will degenerate and actually sink below the waves.

  1. Cons are badly raised….none of them were ever taught any manners.

    • Much like MP Carolyn Parish when she stomped on a doll representing the US President. Or when Jean Chretien tried to strangle a protestor. Or when Pierre Elliott Trudeau gave the finger to any Canadians that didn’t agree with him. Or when his son said the only ones who could run Canada are Quebecers. Or when David Suzuki said that anyone that didn’t agree with his views should be executed. Or…wait a minute! Those are all left wing liberals!

      Guess you have much reference to cast judgement, eh?

      • Or when your partisanship totally confused you and you ran yourself into a wall.

        The NDP btw is left. Libs are centre.

        • The NDP were kind of left once, now they are centre, the Libs are where the Cons were under Mulrooney and the Cons have moved into the realms of tea party lunacy.

          Given their economic proposals and announcements it is clear that there are no left wing parties in Canada

          • Heh….just as well.

          • I’m not sure that blanket statement can hold. There’s many a corporate-kissing, capitalist state not doing so well these days and a few socialist states doing fine.

          • I agree….but you know Canada is not going to go there. The ‘left’ in many countries is very different, and both socialism and capitalism are dead anyway.

          • Capitalism, like communism should have been drowned at birth. One is nothing more than a ponzi protection scheme and the other is well a place for sociopaths to play with the lives of others.
            I’ll let you decide which is which.

            But socialism like conservatism is a valid brake on the excesses of the other and there is room for both as long as neither of them actually obtains a majority… oops

          • Captialism worked for the industrial age, and Socialism was the reaction to it. All part of the learning process, and neither of them valid any more.

          • What’s valid now Emily?

            Surely raging, out of control internet posting (count 8,792 and rising) hasn’t replaced socialism.

            Holy snap Emily the GDP from virulent internet posting is only about 2 bucks an hour. Max!

            Surely you’re out to lunch here? Again.

          • Why don’t you plagiarize some Wikipedia and tell us explicitly what you believe is replacing these two dead things.

        • The NDP is hard left, the Libs are center-left. The Conservatives are center-right. Just thought I’d refine and correct your comment, no thanks necessary.

          Confused? moi? Surely you jest!

          Question. How do you know you’re winning an argument with a leftist?

          • NDP left….Cons right….Libs center. Just so you know.

            Hey, I could ask you why Con women wear white dresses to their weddings…but I’ll be nice.

          • They wear white dresses to distinguish themselves from NDP women and Liberal women who like to get married in the raw.

          • I appreciate your being nice and will naturally reciprocate. Have a good one!

          • is it when you manage to reinforce your vapid ideology through constant repitition?

            I bet that’s it!

          • Clearly you’ve never met a real hard line lefty, I worked in government when they were in power and believe me there are no doubts in my mind that there are no moderate left wing parties in N America let alone hard left parties. All that BS “reds under the bed” stuff was pure theatre designed to keep the hard right in a position to rip off entire populations and that is just what happened.
            The Overton window has drifted to the extreme right where borderline fascists can be regarded as centre-right.

          • I worked for the Federal Government through the Trudeau era right through to Jean Chretien. Obviously you don’t remember 6 and 5. The Liberals were perhaps the greatest harm to Canada in the past 50 years. On virtually every front; culturally, economically, ethically and every other “lly” you’d like to state they systematically weakened Canada and pandered to every tin pot dictator the world had to offer. Frankly, speaking from the position of having been there; the Conservatives are a breath of fresh air. Any leftist that refutes that need to read a history book. The Liberals are center left now but can be swayed to the hard left by a stiff wind. Just ask Justin about Uncle Fidel.

          • That’s a truly disturbing little bubble you live in there. By your criteria Harper pandering to the wishes of the Chinese makes him a communist sympathiser at the least, but when it’s your guy you don’t rate that kind of association do you?
            The US messed up royally with most of the Caribbean in the post war era because hey believed some very nasty people most of whom were indeed tin pot dictators. Castro could have been an American ally, but the US at the time were so scared that they listened to Papa Doc and his ilk running their island states in true democratic fashion.
            Don’t talk to me about pandering to tin pot dictators the right have not only pandered to those types of despicable people, they have created many of them. Pinochet, The Argentinian regimes etc a long legacy of right wing business interests at the expense of the locals.

          • Speaking of illness, I am concerned about your HDS, you really should have it checked out. While the right may have “created” dictators, leftists like yourself have been quick to embrace them and gaze upon them like gods while they murder scores of their own and make corruption the national sport. So please, look in the mirror and ask if the fellow you see is stable in his beliefs.

          • Last time I looked HDS were a far right party in Croatia, that’s more Conservative country than mine especially Jason Kenney.
            Are you seriously saying that the left worship the dictators that the right create and that the right has no part in the ownership of the millions killed by the guys they enabled?

            While the left certainly have their fair share of history to own and fess up to, the right have more than their fair share too. But Conservatism has even more splainin to do. All religions are conservative by nature as are all extremist politics; I guess that that is why Conservatives are at home dealing with the likes of Pinochet and the Chinese Communists. It also explains why the US evangelical christians were so keen to support islamists against the commies in Afghanistan. The qualities that Conservatives have in common with fundamentalist religious groups and extreme political regimes are numerous and obvious to the unbiased observer, yet the likes of you prefer to project your preferences onto others. Dissonance has always been a characteristic of the right.

          • HDS, Harper Derangement Syndrome. Look it up in DSM…

          • It isn’t in the DSM probably because it doesn’t exist except in the minds of the truly delusional. Nice to see you had no answer to the rest of the comment, that does speak volumes

          • Sorry, I really would like to respond to your comments. Unfortunately, I have to do adult things in my “bubble” (work, look after a business, family, etc.) and find this both tedious and non productive. I’m sure your comments are well thought out and represent the finest aspects of leftist thought but I simply have no time for it (or you) beyond this post.

            I do hope that HDS works out for you, please accept my best wishes for health and prosperity in whatever leftist utopia you care to dream about.

            Toodles, friend!

        • Sixty years ago the Liberals were “centre.”

          On April 20, 1968 they elected a scumball and became Harold Laski Bolsheviks.

          The “centre” Liberals were all driven in fear to the Progressive Conservative Party, where any of them remaining alive reside to this day.

          • I said Ciao, Jamboy

            That means on ANY thread

          • Ah Emily, sadness reigns.

            It’s only a first class gold plated loser of a woman who wouldn’t know there’s a significant difference between jam and marmalade.

            I can just picture thanksgiving at your place Emily. Charred turkey everywhere. Where there’s smoke there’s dinner.

          • PET was elected on 4/20 — didn’t realize that. Coincidence? I think not!

      • Gosh-a-golly, how do you sleep at night with all these scandalous Liberals about?

        • I sleep well, knowing there is a strong Conservative government keeping Canada afloat in a sea of uncertainty…

          • but there are troubles lapping at our shores …

  2. (Swaggering Johnny Baird) Hey, mommy, look at me now! That’ll teach ’em. I can do and say wtf I want anywhere in the world, and the neat thing is that the more badass I am the more Il Duce approves of me – he says keep it up, it takes the heat off his own ass. Cool, eh?

  3. Ole Johny boy gets his macho on by sniping at the Maldives.. seriously John the only folk you can pick on are a small bunch of folk slowly sinking into the Indian Ocean. Way to represent sir, I believe that you would be the kind of person who would only approach a spider if someone else had pulled off all its legs first.
    What an embarrassing, loudmouth you are.

  4. Don’t blame Baird, blame the aide with the tranquillizer gun who overslept.

  5. If John Baird had gone and told this resident of the Maldives he couldn’t give a whit about their continued existence we would know about it.

    But John Baird? “Derogatory” and “innappropriate” remarks? To a man from the South Pacific. Thaaaaaaaat he won’t comment on and the Maldavians won’t expand upon.




  6. It’s pretty easy to see what happened.
    Neither one of them could figure out who was supposed to be the cab driver.

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