Bank of Canada denies British are after Mark Carney for Bank of England job


The Bank of Canada has officially denied a report that governor Mark Carney is being headhunted by the British. The Financial Times reported Tuesday that Carney, who has three years left on his seven-year Canadian term, was being sought as a replacement for the outgoing governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King. That report, however, was “not accurate,” a bank spokesman told the Canadian Press.

Carney is seen as something of a rock star in international financial circles. He also spent years in London working for Goldman Sachs. At the same time, many doubt the British would appoint a foreigner to head their central bank.

Carney himself has yet to address the rumours. On Tuesday, however, he did again suggest interest rates will soon go up in Canada and warned consumers not to delay getting their debts under control.


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