Photo Gallery: Barbie Vs. Bratz -

Photo Gallery: Barbie Vs. Bratz


There’s a cat fight in the toy aisle!!! The world’s top doll companies are in a nasty legal battle for money and market share. What the battle between Barbie and the Bratz would have looked like on the playground—a photo essay (of sorts).

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Photo Gallery: Barbie Vs. Bratz

  1. hello cloi sasha and jada

  2. These two are still at war. Mattel is supposed to have won. However, the Bratz creator is looking for this case to be a mis-trial. Well we will see what happens.

  3. gooooo yasmin i have it bratz yasmin doll wow goooo bratzzzzzzz i hate barbie!

  4. AWESOME! I am making a PowerPoint on Barbie vs. Bratz.

    Dead Barbie pics are included. ;)

  5. barbie is beotiful
    bratz is stupid and ugli

  6. i loooooooooooove barbie i think its great since its been the best doll from 19 50 but bratz are crap but also a lil bit good

  7. Oh my gosh i hate bratz! they don't even look like teenager they look like 12 year old hookers go BARBIE WOO!

  8. I LOVE BRATZ! They are the best doll ever invented. If they werent, they wouldnt have been making more money than mattel.
    It will take barbie about 200 years over bratz grave to ever make as much profit. barbies will get old. and people will start to protest!

  9. ilove barbie so much so barbie goooooooooooo

  10. Look…Bratz is better then Barbie..Because Barbie just love pink..DUH!!Thats why pink is getting soooooooooooooooooo boring!!!WHO LIKES BARBIES THEY ARE SO STUPiD and they are looooooooooooosers!!!Bratz is even better then barbies because they dont wear pink stuff duh!!

  11. bratz suc