Barnes & Noble up for sale -

Barnes & Noble up for sale

Revolution in the book world rattles the American mega-chain


In the last years before the coming of the Internet, bookstore chains decimated the ranks of independent booksellers around the world. Now all brick-and-mortar bookshops, even the 720-store Barnes & Noble colossus, are reeling, and B&N is up for sale. The news surprised analysts and alarmed publishers, who have watched as the book business has increasingly shifted to online retailers and e-book sales, leaving both chains and independent sellers struggling, even as Barnes & Noble tried to compete with Amazon and Apple in the e-reader market by opening its own e-bookstore last summer, and by introducing its own device, the Nook. Its board of directors spun the news as positively as possible. “Barnes & Noble has an iconic brand and unique competitive advantages we believe will position the company to succeed over time in a rapidly changing market,” the board said in a statement. “The board is confident in Barnes & Noble’s strategy and fully supportive of the senior management team, which is delivering explosive growth in our fast-developing digital business.”

New York Times

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Barnes & Noble up for sale

  1. I think the lack of comments about a national retailer basically calling it quits says about everything it needs to about the state of print literature. There is no "long-term" in a "rapidly changing environment". Adapt or die. Does anyone think Yahoo nearly as much of an "iconic brand" as a decade ago? How about Novell or Polaroid? Exactly how much are 740-stores worth when they sells something no one wants to go out and buy anymore?

    I buy more books than anyone 99% of people I meet, and I still think $30+ for a book, even a fancy one, isn't worth it compared to $50 for a game or $9.99 per month for all-you-can-rent videos from Blockbuster. Literature has to reduce the price point to compete and that means cutting out the blotting, money-making middle men, Barnes and Noble.