Barrick Gold and Visa hired former advisers to Harper gov’t

Companies taking advantage of “20 per cent” loophole: NDP


Corporations like Barrick Gold and Visa Canada both hired former government staffers to act as lobbyists last year, despite a 2006 law that aimed to end such political influence. The New Democrats say that’s because a loophole exists that allows politicians and ministerial staff to advise corporations so long as they spend less than 20 per cent of their time doing so. For example, Alanna Heath, a former adviser to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, was hired to advise Barrick Gold last year but wasn’t required to register as a lobbyist because of the loophole. (Heath was paid to help stop a bill that would have required the government to probe alleged human-rights abuses by Canadian mining companies in other countries.) NDP MP Pat Martin tells Bloomberg News the hirings violate “the spirit of the law.”


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Barrick Gold and Visa hired former advisers to Harper gov’t

  1. Don't look for this government to do anything about it. Five years in, they've now reached the 'arrogant' stage where they get to do anything they want, they have an excuse for everything, and rules are for others to follow. Harper has become everything he once despised, and once he's gone, this particular brand of Conservative Party is going to fold like a lawnchair. There's no talent pool…it's a puddle at best.

  2. I found it fascinating that the only publication which picked up this story, that I found, was an American financial service.

    The lobbyist registration is a joke, and I'm speaking of someone who has to fill out that stupid form once a month. Barring the fact that it's a huge waste of time, the actual form has to be the least user-friendly internet system on the face of the earth.

    Click-click-click-click-click; it's like playing Farmville but even less productive.

  3. Lobbyists are there to get their principals interests addressed ahead of other Canadians. Yes heavily paid line jumpers. The Tobacco industry and such have been very successful with Harper. They have a scratch my back I'll scratch your back relationship Harper. Lobbyists should be banned period.

  4. Yup, close up those loopholes!!

    Just reading some of the stuff coming out on Basi and Virk – what a couple of scumbags.

  5. Didn’t I read somewhere over Christmas, that Macleans is getting a Government subsidy?

  6. Consider a couple of recent items that may have a connection to this story:-

    1) The fate of John MacKay's mining monitor legislation
    2) The Kairos funding withdrawal

    Funny how these things happen.

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