Bastarache clears Charest government

Commission find no proof to support allegations of influence peddling


A commission of inquiry charged with looking into allegations of corruption surrounding Quebec’s judicial nomination process has cleared Jean Charest’s government of accusations of influence-peddling. In his long-awaited report, former Supreme Court justice Michel Bastarache concludes there is nothing to support allegations by Charest’s former justice minister Marc Bellemare that he was pressured to appoint judges by Liberal party fundraisers. That’s not to say the nomination process came up smelling like roses: Bastarache found it riddled with “deficiencies,” and “vulnerable to all manner of interventions and influences.” But he also concludes Bellemare was “pursuing his own objectives”—and not those of Liberal bagmen—”with respect to judicial appointments.”

Montreal Gazette

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Bastarache clears Charest government

  1. Now watch the lawsuits fly.

  2. So Jean Charest dodges another bullit. His political career has to be one of the biggests roller coaster rides.

  3. As expected.

    The whole thing was a giant waste of time.

  4. Well what do you expect from a Liberal appointed Judge.

  5. Like there was some doubt as to what the outcome would be. The corruption continues.

  6. What dies charest care? He set for life. Ever see any of the crooked french such as cretin worry much? lol
    Just look at Haiti. Never ending abuse.

  7. Typical neo-cons. When a conservative is cleared, the system works. When a Liberal is cleared, it's corruption.
    Harpercrites, one and all.

  8. What a surprise…..

    A Liberal appointed Judge from Quebec…..finds the Liberals did nothing wrong by appointing Judges who give money to the Liberal Party.

    Was there ever any doubt about the outcome?

    What next. The mafia Don appointed to head an inquiry to seek answers about Liberal Party being in cahoots with organized crime?

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