Battle line drawn over Quebec arena

“What Quebec wants, Quebec gets”


In case there was any doubt about the political sensitivity surrounding possible federal funding for a new Quebec City pro-hockey arena, the NDP’s Pat Martin has lashed out at the very notion. “The first rule of Canadian politics is ‘What Quebec wants Quebec gets,’ ” said the Winnipeg MP. Martin’s angry remark came after reports that the Harper government is considering changing rules to allow Quebec City to use part of the tax on gasoline to fund the planned rink. The municipal portion of the gas tax has been earmarked only for basic infrastructure, like roads and sewers. “If Winnipeg had asked Stephen Harper to rewrite the rules so we could have federal funding for a hockey arena and an NHL franchise,” said Martin, “they’d have laughed us out of the room.” The city-to-city comparison is important. Both Winnipeg and Quebec City lost their NHL franchises, but Winnipeg built its new arena, the MTS Centre, mostly with private money. Martin now fears Ottawa might help Quebec build a facility that could hurt Winnipeg’s chances of luring back an NHL team. In fact, the Harper government hasn’t decided what to do, and the NHL has not made any plans to add new franchises.

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Battle line drawn over Quebec arena

  1. Tax money should not be used to support professional sports franchises – regardless of which province / city we're talking about. It would be a direct subsidizing of spoiled millionaires.

    • If it is part of an election platform then it is fine.
      People have the right to vote whomever they want in, as long as it is clear up front how they intend to spend the money.

  2. Apparantely the NDP don't really care if Thomas Mulcair is re-elected.

    Thanks' Pat……I hope he crashes and burns too…

    • Pat should be congratulated for maintaining his integrity and not compromising to re-elect a single quebec MP.

  3. “If Winnipeg had asked Stephen Harper to rewrite the rules so we could have federal funding for a hockey arena and an NHL franchise,” said Martin, “they'd have laughed us out of the room.”

    With all due respect to Martin, I don't think it's a Quebec thing, I think it's a precarious Conservative MPs thing.

  4. What are the plans for the arena without an NHL team? Another Junior team? AHL? It seams horribly misguided to follow Kansas City in regards of building an empty stadium without a guaranteed headline tenant.
    Bettman is still in charge of the NHL, so don't waste your dollars until a confirmed franchise is on the way.

  5. If Quebec gets any money in any way for this
    then my PC vote is going Liberal

    • I would agree but I would never put the fox in charge of the hen house. I would simply waste my vote.

    • What if it was outside Quebec? Doesn't the idea of picking taxpayers' pockets to build an Arena for the NHL rankle just as much?

      This would be an appalling misuse of public monies in any location.

  6. Now that this media derived attack on the Conservative Government has been shown to be without merit, I'd say it's time for the media to call Donolo and the "Liberals" and see what the new manufactured narrative used to attack the Government is.

  7. To hell with it…….

    If saying no, means losing the Quebec vote, then so be it. I think we're all tired of being blackmailed repeatedly by deadbeat socialists who feed of Canada like a parasite.

    • You misspelled 'corporate welfare bums' above. HTH.

  8. Pat Martin is an embarassment to the constieuency of Winnipeg Centre. Not sure why the press gives him so much press, it only encourages him.

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