Battling bullying


The Jer’s Vision/Day of Pink 5th Anniversary Gala in Ottawa celebrated those who have helped battle bullying and homophobia. Liberal MP Hedy Fry won one of the Youth Role Model of the Year awards.

Another award went to Grandfather William Commanda.

Global National anchor Kevin Newman and his son, Alex.

(Left to right) Liberal MPs Todd Russell, Anita Neville and Alexandra Mendes.

Liberal MP Derek Lee.

Conservative MP Leon Benoit.

NDP MP Libby Davies.

Davies with Alex Lewis.

Speaker Peter Milliken.

Liberal MP Maria Minna.

Liberal staffer Christian Dicks.

Jeremy Dias of Jer’s Vision.

The people and food.


Battling bullying

  1. I just looked up Jer's Vision after I saw the food on offer at this event. Normally when Raphael posts his photos, there are normally a few photos of the posh food on offer and it makes my blood boil when I see lobbyists and pols schmoozing over food and drink paid for by the taxpayer.

    As far as I can tell, Jer's Vision is a proper charity that does not receive government $$$ and so does not waste what little money it has on fancy food and drink. Admirable and worthy attitude as far as I am concerned.

  2. "and it makes my blood boil "

    Christ, go see a therapist, Jolyon.

  3. The vast majority of receptions do not involve any food or drink subsidized by the tax dollar. In fact many groups have to use Hill Catering, so there could be a benefit to the taxpayer (I assume the Hill Catering is part of the House budget, but it could be contracted to a third party). Anyway, if this makes your blood boil I hope you don't follow what happens in the Chamber…

  4. I'm surprised Hedy was able to come out and show her support, what with all the crosses being burned on Prince George lawns for her to worry about. But hey, I guess when that's your concern, fairies come with the imaginary hate crimes territory, Dr. Fry?

  5. "blood boil"– but not so much so that you actually investigate to see who pays right? Lighten up.