BC hybrid car subsidy unsuccessful

UBC study shows consumers aren’t changing behavior, continue to buy gas guzzlers


Researchers from the University of British Columbia have concluded that government subsidies that encourage people to drive hybrid cars have been unsuccessful in greatly reducing carbon emissions. The study showed that consumers who took advantage of the subsidies tended to move from fuel-efficient conventional cars to hybrids, not, as the subsidy intended, from gas guzzling SUVs. Lead author of the study Ambarish Chandra, of UBC’s Sauder School of Business, says the overall reduction in carbon emissions is “not great.” The study showed that hybrid vehicle purchases weren’t because of the subsidy, rather they were motivated because of environmental concerns. “So for the majority, rebates are not changing behavior. They are subsidizing planned purchases,” says Chandra.

The Vancouver Sun

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BC hybrid car subsidy unsuccessful

  1. A good reason why these subsidies (like the $10k subsidy in Ontario) should be discontinued. A tax on carbon is sufficient to change behaviour. Return the proceeds in cuts to income taxes and increases in the GST rebate–stop trying to pick winners!

    • Well said. For a lot of people, the up front cost of a hybrid car is prohibitive, even with the discount. Furthermore, more goes into the purchase of a car than "is it a hybrid". Some people may want a car that looks a certain way, or has other certain options.

    • Over half the price we pay for gasoline and furnace fuel is a meriod of taxes, tax on taxes, and GST/HST on top of it all. If that ain't a tax on carbon, what the hell is? Oh and BTY, carbon taxes will be revenue neutral the same way the GST was revenue neutral. If you believe that fairy tale I have some new beachfront property on Baffin Island, Al Gore swears on a stack of bibles will be available in less than five years when the entire Arctic ice cap has dissapeared(his words), you may be interested in buying. Cheers.

  2. Of course it didnt work, government programs never do… I guess we'll have to find another way to reduce the concentration of the gas of life… Maybe we could introduce some baby fee's. Yes, we'll charge a $5000 fee for each baby born, or pay $5000 for each persons death. Those plans will result in exactly what the environmentals want… population reduction. After all, the only real way to have a carbon footprint of zero is to not exist. Then the world can be overrun by Asians, you know, the people who care the most about the environment…

    • Who would run the $5000 fee per birth / $5000 credit per death plan?

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