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B.C. woman accused of keeping a slave

Charges of human trafficking and human smuggling are laid


A West Vancouver woman has been accused of keeping a slave, the CBC reports, after a report emerged from a 21-year-old female who was allegedly recruited from Africa with the promise of a job in a hair salon. Once the woman arrived in Vancouver, she was made to work up to 18 hours a day, seven days a week in a private home and wasn’t paid, say police. Meanwhile, the homeowner allegedly kept the woman’s identity papers and passport. After one year, the young woman left and went to a women’s shelter while the RCMP human trafficking team investigated. West Vancouver resident Mumtaz Ladha, 55, has been charged with one count of human trafficking and one count of human smuggling, only the second time such charges have been laid in B.C.

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B.C. woman accused of keeping a slave

  1. This type of oppression has sadly not gone away. Most Canadians would be surprised that experts estimate there are some 27,000,000 slaves in our modern world – almost a 1:1 ratio with the number of Canadians. Help stop human trafficking.

    Jamie McIntosh, Executive Director, International Justice Mission Canada



  2. One can only hope the accused will be required to pay this person for the 1 year she was forced to work for this beast.  18 hours/day, seven days a week, including time and a half for overtime and vacation pay.