Beer could fight teen depression -

Beer could fight teen depression

An occasional drink helps make friends, study shows


Teen drinking tends to be discouraged—yet having an occasional beer could actually be beneficial to them, especially girls, according to new research. In fact, high school girls who drank once or twice with friends in the past month were less likely to feel down in the dumps than those who didn’t, according to Timothy Owens, a sociology professor at Indiana’s Purdue University. Besides just blowing off steam, drinking “can loosen them up, but even more important, it gets them interacting with their peers. And because girls especially value building and maintaining social relationships, it seems to have a positive effect on how they feel,” he told Canwest News Service. Strangely, boys didn’t show the same correlation, maybe because of the different way males tend to socialize. According to some studies, half of all teens have had at least one drink by the end of high school, and it’s almost always with friends. Owens’ research, published in the Journal of Adolescence, looked at just over 1,000 high school students. He insists that binge-drinking, getting drunk regularly, or drinking alone are an entirely different matter. This study looked at the relationship between teen drinking and feeling sad, not clinical depression, he notes.

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Beer could fight teen depression

  1. :"…half of all teens have had at least one drink by the end of high school…"

    Only half? If studies are really pegging the number that low, then I've got some serious concerns as to the legitimacy of these studies!

  2. Actually beer is the solution to most of the world's problems.

  3. disgusting monarchs of hallowed laboratories! this insinuating study is subtly suggesting drinking is good for you also coke stimulates social interaction as do other drugs…saying its okay friends this is called social interaction and we are fighting clinical depression! yes we just woke up on a park bench with an empty bottle of wine in hand! we also are all illiterate and barefoot! this is a troubling reality of how government looks down at citizens!
    possibly the only stimulation booze and drugs stimulate is the government coffers but of course no one is to say that.

  4. 1: Alcohol is a social lubricant, news at 6…

    2: Let's encourage impressionable young girls to drink. Because that won't make it any easier for people to take advantage of them.

    3: Let's tell teenagers that they'll make more friends if they drink. Because having friends is more important than having a liver and brain cells.

  5. What a joke of a study!

  6. So he's basically saying that teens tend to feel pretty good after a couple of drinks. How the hell does that differ from any other age group? Alcohol lifts depression temporarily. And if you're out partying regularly, it can even lift it for months at a time. But there is always a price to be extracted for such extravagance. I cannot imagine that alcohol would have a permanently positive effect on depression. Biochemically, I would think quite the opposite. (Though I still try. I'm such a soldier. :) )