Behind the Moscow subway bombing -

Behind the Moscow subway bombing

Chechen terrorism’s ranks of women


Russian authorities took little time saying that female suicide bombers from the Northern Caucasas are suspected of carrying out the morning attacks that killed at least 36 people and injured dozens more. This BBC backgrounder explains why there are so many Chechen women willing to kill themselves to inflict terror. Russian soldiers fighting in Chechnya have left countless women widowed, or killed their sons, brothers or fathers. They have also raped many who afterward find it hard to live a normal life. Post-traumatic stress disorder is reportedly widespread among Chechen women. And Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov is thought likely to use female suicide bombers.

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Behind the Moscow subway bombing

  1. I can remember a time when the very idea of a female suicide bomber was unthinkable. What sort of people sends their women to die in this way?