Behold the Blue Knight, Stephen Harper

Apparently, the PM is restoring “liberal-democratic resolve against tyranny”


If you’ve noticed our prime minister popping up in the U.S. media with curious frequency, you’re not the only one. Two interviews with CNN. Now one with the Wall Street Journal. What’s Stephen Harper up to? According to the WSJ, nothing less that picking up the conservative flag amid a worldwide vacuum of right-wing leadership. Harper, we are told, is restoring “liberal-democratic resolve against tyranny.” Sounds impressive, but we might have added: “trying desperately to close the gap in approval ratings between himself and a formidable new rival, Michael Ignatieff, whose perceived strength is foreign policy.”

The Wall Street Journal

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Behold the Blue Knight, Stephen Harper

  1. Viagra is also called a blue knight.

  2. What a wonderful day to be a conservative and read an article like this that will drive the harper haters to distraction. ROFL LMAO – no small wonder when a canadian PM gets warm and fuzzies like this from the yanks! I can’t wait for the inevitable = but but but from the frustrated left wing nut crowd.

    • Wayne, I’m trying to find what might be in this article that would “drive Harper haters to distraction”, but cannot!?

      As a Liberal (who has voted Conservative in the past), I find this article to be a positive step towards improving relations with the US. Not an entirely bad thing, given the protectionist tendencies of some US states.

      I am more concerned that you appear to get your jollies from reading partisan rants!?

      Are you really that shallow?

      • yeppers shallow is my name. Any time that the PM gets very good press in the states these forums fill up with the usual gang of harper haters and post all sorts of meaningless drivel and this makes my day. Harper is a very talented politicianand one whom I vote for. Between you and me you shouldn’t be so concerned with how I get my jollies instead focus on your own.

        • coming from you Wayne, that’s a great compliment for a non-partisan like myself. thx. you make it so easy to see through you.

  3. wayne: really suprised that the flood gates haven’t opened up about the “Evil Harper” and those damn Yankees. I guess that crowd doesn’t know quite what to say since their new savior(Iggie) seems to be more in love with the States than Harper(having lived more of his life there than Canada), supported the Iraq invasion, has totally imbraced the tars sands, and just to add salt to the wound, has nicely told crazy Lizzie to get lost. I actually don’t much care which one is in power as there is not much difference. At least neither one is going to blow up what’s left of our economy for the sake of eco-political correctness. Cheers

    • good points up to a point fellow namesake (are you aware of where the name wayne comes from = wainwright – high end wagon maker ROFL) between you and me I won’t publicly admit the point about harper and Iggy not being that much different on a few issues but you are quite correct. Iggy is playing his cards almost as good as harper which is a lot more fun than Dion was and that you can take to the bank (a canadian one at that) and this is why I think that there are lot of frustrated left wing nuts out there who keep confusing yankee political environments to ours as we are rarely in synch almost invariably the opposite.

  4. “Close the gap…..?” Um, I would think Harper wants to increase the gap between himself and Ignatieff. Closing the gab between yourself and someone running 5 or 6 points behind you in the polls is not something you’d normally want to do.

    • i’m thinking the conservs are desperate to use more sleight of hand.

  5. and still he couldn’t get an audience with his newfound friend Barry huh?

    i’m more amused at Stephen H’s inability to say “yea” or “nay” to the question of whether or not he’s an economist on CNN last Sunday. apparently, any first year med student can now claim to be a doctor by the same logic that the conservs call him an “economist”.

    conservs are very liberal with our resources and democratic against majority will. the conservs will get 10x more than what they gave to others soon; reality always trumps fiction like this.

    • it was Fareed Zakaria’s (sp?) show.

      • Leenie, your analogy is off. It should be “anybody who graduated from medical school could call themselves a doctor.” Of course you didn’t use that analogy because it would be pretty reasonable for somebody that graduated from medical school to call themselves a doctor.

        Yet there is something interesting to me about the great frequency with which Liberals belabor this point (Harper does not namedrop his credentials nearly as often as is implied). The modern left isn’t any smarter than the right, but includes a lot of people who want to be SEEN as smarter. It is necessary for them to be able to have a narrative wherein conservatives are dumb – thus Ignatieff is now the second professor to lead the party (his main opponents were a Rhodes scholar and a Harvard MBA). Of course Liberals will hold to the notion that their leader is a genius regardless – it is sort of like “Stuff white people like’s” (a satirical blog that describes the preferences of white upper middle class hipsters) bit on Gifted kids:


  6. The Canadian MSM has figured out most of what Harper says is partisan nonsense that doesn’t stand up to the facts. So it’s time to go export your message to an American MSM who is less familiar with your tactics, eh Harper?

    Plus Harper gets to do a little dance on the American media stage is the hopes of drumming up a job after the current PM gig collapses into chaos later this year. I guess going back into opposition after 3 chances to get a majority in a booming economy would be too much for Harper to bear. And the Conservatives would turf him anyways should he lose power later this year.

    • a letter or an email related to the particular show (except FOX or related–it’s pointless in those cases) with a few salient facts will help enlighten them to the fact that most Canadians are independent thinkers and not lemming conserv types.

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