Ben Mulroney names first born after father -

Ben Mulroney names first born after father

Brian and John Mulroney born Thursday morning


Jessica Brownstein, the wife of Ben Mulroney, gave birth to twins on Thursday morning. Brian Mulroney was born at 8:09 and his twin brother, John, a minute later. Brian is named after his grandfather, former Conservative PM Brian Mulroney, and John is named after John, the “mystery” Mulroney, a brother of Brian Mulroney who passed away hours after he was born. Ben’s sons are the first Mulroney children to be born since 1985, when Nicholas, the youngest of the Mulroney siblings was born. With the newest Mulroney additions, the former PM and his wife, Mila, have six grandchildren. Caroline, Brian Mulroney’s eldest daughter, and her husband have four children together.

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Ben Mulroney names first born after father

  1. Ben Mulroney for PM!

  2. When we see Ben we see Brian . He seems to have the same exaggerated sense of entitlement. Hope the children turn out O K.

    • he seems to have the gift of schmoozing like his father's been a long time since i read Brian's biography but he certainly wasn't from the wealthy uppper class like Trudeau

  3. Anyone want to make a wager that the new Brian Mulroney will enter politics in 40 years ?

    • i would say he will be an MP within the next ten's a sweet deal, you get 140k or more and a lifetime pension after six years i think ..he could get elected in ontario or quebec

      • The son of Brian Mulroney could turn any riding in the country red, even Mackay's.

  4. Wonderful News! Now the Trudeau children have some playmates!

  5. It was good to hear about this… there has been too much death about.

  6. ya nice information.With the newest Mulroney additions, the sometime PM and his mate, Mila, make six grandchildren. Carolingian, Brian Mulroney's first daughter, and her partner eff quartet children together.

  7. Congratulations. But my first cheeky thought upon seeing the headline (baby named after grandfather) was: Why would you name your kid Britan?

  8. I've heard he is to have his bottles brought to him only in brown paper bags.

  9. The youngest Mulroney sibling was born in 1985. These are the first Mulroney children born since then. So, how much older is Caroline than her baby brother, or, were her children all adopted? Or, is Brian Sr., uh, not being fully truthful?

    Oh, but congratulations to Ben and Jessica on the birth of their healthy sons.

    • I'm assuming the writer means that Caroline's children do not have Mulroney as their last name. The wording is awkward.

    • she is married and therefore the sir name is not malroney

  10. A boy named Sue comes to mind. That kid's going to need to learn to fight before he learns his ABC's. Shame on you Ben. There really is no sober second thought in your travesty of a "family".

  11. Oh my gawd, not another one (or two).

  12. Who effin cares about this American-schooled douche? Is this really 'news'? Wow, al jazeera here I come.

  13. I can understand the name "Brian" but not "John"

    Thats not very bilingual

    "Jean Poutine Mulroney" has a nice ring to it.

  14. wow.I wish i hade a twin it sounds so much fun to have a twin.