Berlusconi in bed with three women? -

Berlusconi in bed with three women?

Prostitute speaks at corruption inquiry about the latest sex allegations against the Italian PM


Silvio Berlusconi is facing new allegations that he has been using prostitutes at a time when his government is preparing legislation to penalize streetwalkers and their clients. Maria Teresa De Nicolo, an Italian prostitute, claimed at a corruption inquiry that she was one of several women to be paid by a businessman from Bari to attend dinners at Berlusconi’s private residence in Rome. De Nicolo said that Berlusconi gave her presents on the night she spent with two other women in Berlusconi’s bed. “I, the two girls from Rome and Berlusconi were in the bed,” she was quoted as saying. The businessman, Gianpaolo Tarantini, is one of several suspects in an investigation into alleged corruption in the health service in Puglia, a region in south-eastern Italy. Tarantini, who denies wrongdoing, has not been indicted, and Berlusconi claims he did not know the girls were paid.

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Berlusconi in bed with three women?

  1. In the list feed, this headline is followed by the headline "Too much of a Good Thing?"

    Fill in humourous quip here____________

  2. Berlusconi no doubt wants the entire world to know he
    sleeps with three women at the same time at the age of 73!

  3. This only tells me that none of the decision making and PM's work in Italy is actually made by its Prime Minister, otherwise where did he get his energy from? Unless of of course, there is nothing happening at all other than literal sleeping. If this is the case, he is welcome in my bed as long as he does not snore.

  4. Is it just me, or is Berlusconi remarkably like the lemur king in Madagascar?

  5. now really! this is politics? no wonder married politicians live in ottawa for six months of the year alone where all the whores hang out! gawd! lucky old phiarrtts….they need the rest and that explains them falling asleep in the house of commons!

  6. What do you call a man who is in bed with three women?

    Left out.