Berlusconi government threatens “total war” if case against him goes forward

Italian prosecutors requesting PM’s trial for sex crimes begin immediately


The government of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is threatening to launch a “total war” against the country’s judiciary after prosecutors in Milan suggested he the frisky PM should be put on trial for sex crimes. Berlusconi and his parliamentary allies say the case against him should have been dropped following a vote in Italy’s lower house stipulating the prosecutors have no right to pursue the investigation. A judge is set to rule early next week on a request by the prosecution that Berlusconi’s case go straight to trial given the obviousness of the evidence” against him.

The Guardian

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Berlusconi government threatens “total war” if case against him goes forward

  1. LOL a fight between the govt, the Vatican and the Mafia…this could get interesting.

  2. He obviously has much to hide. He is so used to buying his way out of anything that this impasse has aroused the fighting spirit in this vertically challenged politician. His ownership and control of the press will not save him this time. Italy is truly ashamed of this unclean old man.

    • I think he belongs in a nursing home. He has age-related mental problems.

      • I think he belongs in Jail for having sex with under age girls ……

        • I doubt he can …but legally he's stuck

          • Agree….but,, you play…you pay !

  3. Another case of right wing politicians thinking that laws should only apply to others.
    Or, It's okay if a Conservative does it.

  4. I cannot wait to see him bald-faced lying in court. Hopefully he'll then be charged with perjury as well.

  5. You mean like Charlie Rangel? Oh, sorry, he's not a Conservative!

    • Hey look, we got us a teabagger!

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