Bernier calls for end to $41 billion worth of transfers -

Bernier calls for end to $41 billion worth of transfers

Conservative MP wants to give control back to provinces


Conservative MP Maxime Bernier will speak Wednesday in Toronto about his vision for a much smaller federal government. According to a copy of the speech obtained by The Globe and Mail, the former industry and foreign affairs minister wants to do away with social and health transfers to provinces, while giving them “tax points” to make up for the loss. That would mean provinces could decide entirely on health and social spending, while the federal government could cut its taxes substantially. Combined, the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer (which funds higher education and social programs) will reach $41-billion by 2013. Mr. Bernier says the federal government has no constitutional right to interfere in these areas through spending. “This is not what the Fathers of Confederation had intended,” says the copy of his speech. He will also suggest that without the federal Canada Health Act to stop them, provinces could choose to expand the role of the private sector in health care delivery. Some analysts believe Mr. Bernier is setting himself up for a future run at the leadership of the Conservative party.

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Bernier calls for end to $41 billion worth of transfers

  1. Without transfers Quebec would be a loser. Only three Provinces contribute more to Ottawa than they get back and Quebec is not one of them. He also will lay the foundation for the end of Medicare. Conservatives are frightening.

    • Who you arguing with?

  2. At least Bernier is putting something on the table versus the status quo. Whethe his idea has any merit should be determined through a rational debate and not fearmongering.

  3. Quebec could not possibly lose; the separatist faction has maintained all along that Quebec gets less back than it pays in. Removing Quebec's obligation to fund other parts of Canada and allowing Quebec full control over how much to tax itself and where to spend it is surely a just policy.

    • The plain unmitigated facts are Ottawa sends more to Quebec than the other way around. Only B.C. , Alberta and Ontario send more than they receive. The balance including Quebec are have not Provinces. If Quebec were a have Province as the separatists would have us believe , Quebec would have separated decades ago.

      • I should have made an explicit statement that I was being sarcastic about Quebec's position.

        However, I do favour allowing provinces more direct control over taxing and spending.

    • There is no separatist movement to speak of…

  4. Here in New Brunswick these payments have been used for benefit of Government supporters and Friends and for dual services in everything. A complete waste of Canadians money. Billions go for forced non-working, bilingualism, something no other Country in the World does. Either send that taxpayer money to the individual Families as stimulus payments, which would benefit this Province a great deal, or STOP all payments. It is nothing but a disgrace how that money is wasted here.
    And we all know about Quebec and its corruption. We are now, "little Quebec".

  5. Excellent, I was just thinking the other day how I'd love to be able to purchase some health insurance just in case I get sick. You know, because I have so much extra money laying around.

    • Well forget it. Quebecers retire on average 5 years ahead of Ontarians!