Best. Interview. Ever. -

Best. Interview. Ever.

Cranky journalist puts the boots to Johannesburg mayor


You’ve probably never heard of Amos Masondo. He’s the Mayor of Johannesburg, and we’re guessing he regrets ever sitting down with Chris Barron of the Jo’burg Sunday Times to discuss the city’s preparations for the World Cup. In a monument to conversational minimalism, Barron interrogates the hapless pol with ruthless efficiency, adducing evidence that—even as it prepares to welcome the world—Jo’burg is devolving into a pot-holed dump plagued by poor public transit and political cronyism. Our favourite exchange begins with Barron grilling Masondo over his purported plans to lift Johannesburg to “world class” status:

Q: “Do you know of any other world-class city where an unelected mayor has been in office for 10 years?”
A: “Unelected? What do you mean by that?”
Q: “That you haven’t been elected.”

Johannesburg Sunday Times

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Best. Interview. Ever.

  1. Had there been a worthy opponent involved, this would have been a great interview.

    As it is, this reads like a manual on how to shoot fish, in barrel.

  2. …fish in barrel, using a shotgun?

  3. what is Rex Murphey doing in Jo-burg ?

  4. I've got to say, that last question's a bit… off target. ALL South African mayors are elected in the same way. You, Joe Public, vote for your local ward councillor, who then votes for the mayor. This is how all three levels of government work: South Africans don't vote for their President, they vote for a party, for instance.

    Most of the time mayors are "deployed" by a party (read: the caucus block-votes their candidate into position). Sometimes, if no party wins a clear majority, a coalition will agree to a candidate and push that candidate into office.