Best part of the NHL lockout: #DregerFace -

Best part of the NHL lockout: #DregerFace

In absence of NHL news, photo of hockey insider goes viral


In absence of NHL news, photo of hockey insider goes viral

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Covering the NHL lockout can be long, stressful and tiring as journalists wait on NHL and NHLPA representatives to finally announce they have resolved their differences.. But amid the endless waiting, Pierre LeBrun took a quick snapshot of TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger. Neither could have imagined that this photo could have created such excitement on Twitter.
NHL has rescued us off the frigid sidewalks and let us wait out the meeting in its offices.. :) LeBrun
I owe Dregs a big steak dinner. At least. Sheesh.Pierre LeBrun
@JayOnrait @Real_ESPNLeBrun. I wasn’t aware we were playing candid camera. I’ll play. Look out LeBrun…Darren Dreger
@DarrenDreger @Real_ESPNLeBrun No way you are now a hero. Everyone loves "Dreger Face". Let’s get it trending.Jay Onrait
It wasn’t long until #dregerface was trending, thanks in large part to some pretty original photo-shopping.
MONSTER #DregerFace Wyshynski
#DregerFaceConner McTague
"It’s been taken care of." #DregerFace Peters
@DarrenDreger . Here’s my contribution to #dregerface. Coach
@J_Shappy @foreverdoug #DregerFace Leslie
More #DregerFace from around the Twitterverse. Send in your best usong the hashtag! Dreger will choose one to use as his twitter avatar for 3 days. #TSNTSN
#dregerface is the best thing about the lockout so farGary Rossiter
"@BigBadBruins88: .@toucherandrich @RochieWBZ check out #dregerface Boston #Bruins style"Jay Halcrow
#DregerFace DeCraeke
Didn’t realize @DarrenDreger had so many talents #DregerFace j wood
Just can’t believe how many people are spending their Wednesday night cropping and pasting #Dregerface into pictures.Hosea Cheung
Dreger for Mayor!! @DarrenDreger #dregerface
This. Is. Amazing. RT @JohnBryja: @Real_ESPNLeBrun @bruce_arthur #Dregerface Gangnam style video. Arthur
Despite the modest embarrassment, Dreger agreed to temporarily change his avatar picture to the most popular photo of the night.
What happens first, lockout ends or I exercise revenge on @Real_ESPNLeBrun for world wide humiliation? I’m cranky this am.Darren Dreger
If #DregerFace is trending, we all need to re-evaluate how we spend our nights. @Real_ESPNLeBrun STK is an expensive spot.Darren Dreger
Hoping to make good on a promise. Need @bruce_arthur to declare winning #DregerFace for 3 day run as my avatar.Darren Dreger
As it turns out, the winner was Dreger’s personal favorite.
@DarrenDreger Your winner: Lee Harvery Oswald. IKEA Monkey finished second, bless its plucky IKEA monkey heart.Bruce Arthur
It’s endless, so I will chime in with this. Without question is the best.Darren Dreger
Avatar has been changed and will remain there until Sunday.Darren Dreger

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